irrKlang 1.0.4 released

irrKlang 1.0.4 was released today. As described in my last debugging adventure post, it also contains the first version of the audio recording interface. Currently windows only, full support on all platforms is planned for the 1.1 release. I think the interface is now quite ok, for recording a piece of audio and playing it back again, you only have to write something like this:

ISoundEngine* engine = createIrrKlangDevice();
IAudioRecorder* recorder = createIrrKlangAudioRecorder(engine);


printf("\nRECORDING. Press any key to stop...\n");

// play the recorded audio, looped
engine->play2D("myRecordedVoice", true);

Simple and understandable, isn't it? Of course there are additional, different ways to do this and to get access to the recorded audio data using IAudioRecorder, but this one shows the basics.

seven comments, already:

why isnt the creation of the audioRecorder a memberfunction of the soundEngine?
Halan - 23 01 08 - 19:14

Please make irrEdit open source, if you don’t have any time for it …
shogun - 23 01 08 - 19:33

Nice Work. Don’t forget to update ’s main page under “Latest News”
MasterGod - 23 01 08 - 22:23

the factory function of the audio recorder isn’t a member function because you can also create recorders without an existing ISoundEngine (currently it needs one, but this may be changed in the future) and also, you are able to mix devices in this way. For example using winmm to play back audio while using DS to record it.
niko - 24 01 08 - 07:27

“But which keys the any key?”

Nice work :-)
John - 25 01 08 - 09:13

@shogun: I wouldn’t count on it going open source. I suspect niko is using this as a source of income. What’s better do you think? His libraries getting a good amount of focus? Or niko having to get a full time job to support himself thus greatly limiting his development? :P
Frobozz - 27 01 08 - 12:12

hey..niko great job..but what about irredit..?great job though..keep it up ;)
tunde (link) - 28 01 08 - 23:10

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