I am Legend

I watched the vienna premiere of the movie I am Legend, and I liked it. WARNING: spoilers ahead. If you plan to watch this movie, stop reading now.
Before watching the movie, I consciously tried to avoid watching movie trailers of it, in order not to mess up the experience. I knew that the film would be about an end time scenario, but that was all. So when I sat there I was totally surprised that 'I am Legend' is actually a Zombie movie. And as I wrote once or twice on this blog already, I like Zombie movies :) The undead in 'I am Legend' are more Vampires than Zombies, but who cares. The setting (forsaken city of New York) is great and the actors are convincing, the story is quite thrilling. The only point of criticism is that the ending of the film doesn't fit to the rest of the movie (the main zombie obviously tries to get back to his wife, but in the end he doesn't care anymore about this), but I heard there was originally another ending which makes more sense.
All in all, a nice movie, worth watching.

19 comments, already:

Zombies rule! ;) A really nice movie, I liked it a lot too.
anna - 11 01 08 - 10:13

I think they are zombie-vampires :-p
leo (link) - 11 01 08 - 10:50

I won’t watch that movie because Will Smith recently said he is interested in joining Scientology.
shogun - 11 01 08 - 11:03

I suggest you read the original book, which has a completely different ending and is, actually, way better than the movie (as often) :)
Raibaz (link) - 11 01 08 - 11:19

@shogun: That’s like saying “I won’t buy in any WalMart because one of the cashiers of one of their stores in Kansas smokes weed, and I am anti drugs.”
Tazo - 11 01 08 - 12:37

No, it isn’t. Scientology is an extremely dangerous sect, paying somebody money who will use that money to make that global threat even bigger is just stupid.
BTW, he is now member of the church of Scientology.
shogun - 11 01 08 - 20:57

about the move looks great, but im waiting this: http://www.avp-r.com/
master_zion (link) - 12 01 08 - 01:24

shogun, at least they have not blown up anybody ;). As far as I am concern Mr. Smith can do whatever he wants with his money.

On the other hand, a friend told me too that the ending of the movie is disappointing.
juantar - 12 01 08 - 03:46

Watch the original, Charlton Heston in ‘The Omega Man’. I am Legend is a rather good remake.
Rene - 12 01 08 - 07:31

@shogun: So replace “weed” with “heroin”. My point still stands.
Tazo - 12 01 08 - 12:35

Your allegory doesn’t fit, because when I buy something from WalMart (which isn’t possible in Germany any more, but what the hell) I don’t pay a multimillion sect to brainwash even more people and get more millions. Do you even know how dangerous Scientology is, or are you really just ignorant (I think so).
shogun - 12 01 08 - 13:40

Juantar, Scientology doesn’t blow people up, but brainwashes them. I don’t know if that is that much better.
shogun - 12 01 08 - 13:42

Do you have any link where he says that he is in Scientology? I googled about it could only find articles where they say he won’t join Scientology and won’t listen to his friend Tom Cruise.
fuschn - 13 01 08 - 09:19

Just search for “Will Smith Scientology” in Google News.
shog un - 13 01 08 - 11:39

@shogun: You don’t pay a multimillion to a sect to brainswash people if you just go to the cinema and enjoy a goddamn movie, either.
Tazo - 13 01 08 - 12:06

and btw, I did search for “Will Smith Scientology” in Google News. All there is is some “Insider” who doesn’t want to be named claiming that Smith is recruiting members for scientology. Even though few weeks ago Smith said that Scientology wasn’t for him.

A bunch of rumours, that you claim as facts. Paranoid much?
Tazo - 13 01 08 - 12:10

Seems like I met a hardcore Will Smith fan. I’m so sorry for you. :(((
shogun - 13 01 08 - 13:07

If you just want to claim hearsay as facts, and immediately insult everybody who doesn’t agree with you, could you please leave and do it somewhere else? Thanks.
Tazo - 13 01 08 - 18:54

I’ve just seen it and its an awesome movie. It has been long since I’ve seen a movie that got me scared that much :-P
MasterGod - 17 01 08 - 23:31

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