Irrlicht is useless

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Both irrEdit and irrKlang would normally form part of an engine, however, they have been separated from irrLicht to provide Nikolaus Gebhardt revenue from any usage of the free aspects of the engine. Its important to note that irrLicht is close to being useless, as a 3D
games engine, without these products. (source)

What nonsense.

sixteen comments, already:

well that’s the point of wikipedia. you spotted nonsense, so correct it.
doofi - 09 01 08 - 18:14

Don’t worry about it, it is just a poorly disguised attempt at vandalism. I have reverted it.
Chris - 09 01 08 - 18:17

Ha ha. Wiki-owned.
Joseph Smith - 09 01 08 - 18:18

if I had corrected it myself, I wouldn’t be able to rant about it :) thanks for reverting it :)
niko - 09 01 08 - 18:20

boooah … thats fucked up :x
who the hack is writing such nonsense …
jens - 09 01 08 - 18:22

Someone who is just getting exactly the attention he craved…
Tazo - 09 01 08 - 18:29

It’s funny because IrrEdit is close to being useless, not Irrlicht. Honestly, when’s coming a new version of IrrEdit? I have to work with it and it’s a real pain …
shogun - 09 01 08 - 20:06

I use irredit for lightmaps….. that’s about it. Probably the easiest way to get lightmaps into irrlicht.
Joseph Smith - 09 01 08 - 23:11

As the old saying I just made up goes, “It’s easier to berate than to create”
John - 10 01 08 - 08:37

Yup if something is wrong correct it. that is both strength and weakness of wikipedia. I just think about the person who wrote that. Definetly he was trying to make a 3d game in a blank dark room with some stealed music.
But the greatsest funny part is Niko doing all that for revenue, hee hee. Irredit and irrklang are free to use and that is already enough. And Even if it were true niko is human and needs money, though present arrangement with irr licenses is very good for everybody concerned. Cheers for niko for providing such a fantastic state of the art game-engine a nd tools for free under zlib license. It is the best 3D Engine under the best Zlib license. It cannot get better than that or free than that. And if niko were a millionaire I think He would have given evry alphabet of source code also under zlib.
kinjel - 10 01 08 - 09:48

Even stranger than just this sentence is the fact that the IP number the post was made from belongs to the “Department of the Premier and Cabinet” of Western Australia. Niko, any unsatisfied customer in that area, or problems with foreign authorities ;-)
hybrid - 10 01 08 - 10:16

We have been trolled xD
I can’t find where to look up IP addresses in phpbb, since TOR is blocked on Wikipedia I doubt they were behind 7 proxies.
gaz - 10 01 08 - 11:07

lol i like the wiki-owned comment :D its just amusing ppl can be so petty. As if we couldnt fix it in 2 minutes.

OH NOES THE HORROR of clicking edit.
hehe, keep up the awesomeness tho
FuzzYspo0N (link) - 10 01 08 - 12:21

> Yup if something is wrong correct it. that is both strength and weakness of > wikipedia.

That’s the problem with it too. It isn’t necessarily a reliable source of accurate information if anyone can put random crap into it.
Frobozz - 13 01 08 - 00:16

but it’s true however imo
blah - 13 01 08 - 06:43

SwiftCoder - 14 01 08 - 14:09

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