irrKlang 1.0.3 released - support for Power PCs

Now right after irrlicht 1.4, irrKlang 1.0.3 has just been released.

The audio library now even runs on Power PCs, enabling 3D sound also on older Mac hardware. In addition, it finally includes a manual audio device selection, so that users may choose the hardware device the sounds gets played on, if there is more than one device in a PC. And I think Linux users will also be happy about this one: The latency of the ALSA device has been reduced quite a lot. Just try it out for yourself :)

six comments, already:

wineh - 03 12 07 - 20:03

It’s getting better every time. :-)
baz - 04 12 07 - 07:17

what’s with the weird license on irrklang…. Very dissapointing, tsk tsk
blah - 04 12 07 - 07:58

If you feel you have a right to dictate to someone what licence their own software should be released under, at least have the cajones to use your real name.
John (link) - 04 12 07 - 12:34

I think the licensing scheme for IrrKlang is very reasonable. Not only is it free for non-commercial use but Niko gets compensated when others want to make money with it.
Michael - 04 12 07 - 18:43

John, (CENSORED by niko: how about calming down a bit), i didn’t dictate anything, I just think it’s a alittle awkward, since irrlicht is full on free, and irrklang is restricted… it’s no big deal though because i can use other more free libraries. the market is good.
blah - 07 12 07 - 11:48

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