Irrlicht 1.4 released

We just released Irrlicht 1.4. Nobody should say we don't adhere to our own deadlines: We still made it in November ;)

irrlicht new logo

Happy downloading!

twelve comments, already:

Hmm, makes me want to take a look looooading
Marcus (link) - 30 11 07 - 20:18

veegun - 30 11 07 - 22:16

Virion - 01 12 07 - 08:54

good work :)
but still problems with compiling on macos x cry
i hope he’ll fix this soon. i dont want to use patches from others and i dont want to write my lines on windows :(

pls fix it
jens - 01 12 07 - 12:56

Thank You IrrTeam :)
halun - 01 12 07 - 18:11

Great! Thank you guys! And I love the new logo! Looks very clean. I just have to wait for the C# wrapper because I use that one… :)
PI - 02 12 07 - 13:02

By the way, Niko, do you have larger versions of this current logo? Where could I find it?
PI - 02 12 07 - 13:03

You should more care about engine portability. For example if I want to make a port for nintendo DS of your engine, I need to write some APIs, etc. I think you should use sth like this:

namespace Platform {
enum Platform_t {
/* */

and after:

IIrrlichtDevice* createDevice( Platform::Platform_t platform, ) {
if ( platform Platform::WIN32 )
return new Win32Device();
else if ( platform Platoform::LINUX32 )
return new Linux32Device();
/* */

NightVisio (link) - 03 12 07 - 07:03

maybe someone will just join our team who will maintain the macos ports (etienne, who did this before disappeared somehow), currently it looks like no one of us has that much time unfortunately.
No bigger version of that logo, sorry :)
@nightvisio: Hm, I think you have some slight misunderstanding of how cross platform development works in C++. This is usually done statically, not dynamically. The latter does not make a lot of sence IMO.
niko - 03 12 07 - 17:47

The 30th is exactly one year since I downloaded my first Irrlicht SDK. I think it was at version 0.14 :p and now its at 1.4 lol.
leo (link) - 04 12 07 - 09:31

Irrlicht is coming closer to world domination
bull - 04 12 07 - 10:47

tanx niko and the irrlicht team..
good job!
totaly love this engine!(h)
tunde (link) - 04 12 07 - 18:48

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