Irrlicht is worth 7 Mio.

According to, the Irrlicht Engine is worth $7,756,849. Wow. What a pity that it's in dollar and not in euro. :D

seven comments, already:

AFAIK, uses the same metrics as sloccount, and only computes the approximated costs of development under the assumption that the software was developed by a certain number of developers (another metric computed from the number of SLOCs) with a certain average salary (a parameter of the metric). So, the value says nothing about how much worth Irrlicht is (I’d bet the market value would be higher than just 7 Mio. US-$...). BTW, 139 person years for the code alone looks like you’ve been very productive. ;-)
ak (link) - 26 11 07 - 17:15

Mine’s only worth $2,094,821. And I didn’t start it – had to fork it from something else :(
Andrew Doull (link) - 27 11 07 - 08:47

gaz (link) - 27 11 07 - 14:14

$7,756,849 is 5,229,602€ to be exact by today’s $ value :P
so it’s not That bad :)
OneMoreInThisWorld - 27 11 07 - 21:11

  • Plus 0.63 €, to be 100% exact :-P

OneMoreInThisWorld - 27 11 07 - 21:13

But anybody can make better scores according to this metric by just righting more lines of code. Some other metrics also need to be considered(OGRe is cheaper according to them, but I donot feel so) not that I am doubting Irrlichts value since it is so valuable that no price is sufficient. But the metric seems flawed.
kinjel - 28 11 07 - 09:31

Well, it’s simply about “don’t think open-source-projects are worth nothing” – meant to show how much money had to be spent to produce such a project with “professionals”. and seen that way it’s quite impressive!
Lino - 28 11 07 - 12:28

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