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An attempt to get this blog censored.
(Update, to give this entry a little bit more sense: MSN doesn't allow these words on its blogs, joining google and yahoo)

ten comments, already:

Uhm … context?!
matt - 15 06 05 - 19:34

updated with a link ;)
niko - 15 06 05 - 20:30

Ah, yeah, got it. I read about that. So you don’t want Chinese on your page or what? ;-)
matt - 15 06 05 - 20:50

That is fairly disgusting. Just one more reason to slap M$, Google, and Yahoo.
RabidLockerGnome - 15 06 05 - 22:33

this goes to show that what I do is best for me… not useing those meanstream things (exept Microsoft XP en Internet Explorer cause my brother is only 8 and my mother thinks this is the best :s)

There are TONS of other OS-es, search engines and what not… I move to boycot them starting today!! :p
Alvaron (link) - 16 06 05 - 12:40

guess problem with that is that there are few choices: either censor yourself or have china disable access to your sites… it would appear to me that by censoring this way yourself there are still possibilities to get to content that is ‘affecting national health’ (as the chinese government messages sometimes read)...
bertl - 16 06 05 - 13:51

how is this MSN, google, or yahoo’s fault?? It’s the chinese government that created and enforces these regulations, and MSN yahoo and google are simply trying to obey the laws in that market. it doesnt affect european or american versions of their sites in any way.
If you are going to have a beef with this, have a beef with the fact that china censors things, not with these companies who are simply trying to stay in business and obey the law.
this post and several of the replies to it are taking this totally out of context. there is no way any reasonable person would conclude that the blame rested with the companies offering the search portals, unless they had a pre-existing bias against them for other reasons.
buhatkj - 16 06 05 - 23:39

I did not blame anybody at all.
niko - 17 06 05 - 07:07

i was mostly responding to rabidlockergnome…
buhatkj - 18 06 05 - 23:39

ah, ok :)
niko - 19 06 05 - 11:55

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