53 days until you will lose all your privacy

The law to store email, telephone, and all internet connection data of all german people has been accepted today by about 70% of all representatives. Ignoring all the protests and all the expert opinions. The law will take effect in 53 days.
Good bye privacy. Hello Stasi 2.0. Here is a complete list of all those people who made this possible.
More information about this on vorratsdatenspeicherung.de.

nine comments, already:

its a pain in the ass
Halan - 09 11 07 - 16:38

CuteAlien - 09 11 07 - 17:01

Another thought about this. As here are some game programmers – we might actually be in a position where we can help people to get back a little bit privacy. That law works by logging information about the lowest protocols, the ip-numbers. So if we create online games once the state knows the ip of any participan of such a game he can find out who he is. But security can be created on higher protocols. Every game has chats anyway already. And game programmers can make the conversations between the players as secure as theire programming abilities do allow it. So we can create lots of environments in which the state will not get any information beside “some guys played a game” while offering secure communication.

Does anyone know a good (and free as in zlib-license) library which would help implementing more secure chat/message systems?
CuteAlien - 09 11 07 - 17:27

Writing about privacy but posting the list doesn’t make much sense for me. On the other hand, they literally asked for it.

I bagged and sent my constitutional complaint several days ago and I am looking forward to the Federal Courts decision.
matt (link) - 09 11 07 - 18:45

“lose”, not “loose”.
you know. - 09 11 07 - 22:30

thx, right.
niko - 09 11 07 - 23:41

this is awful :(
at the moment I am not very proud to be a german :/

every intelligent person on this planet knows, that this is the wrong step …

maybe they are using the data for hunting “the bad people” ...
but sooner or later they will use them to find the ordinary people who made mistakes … like people who used p2p-networks or such things …

I think the next step will be that they are punishing people who use crypto-stuff … like they are doing in great britain …

i know people who got in trouble because they had tor-servers …
next time i am using pgp maybe police is knocking at my door …

there was a british minister who said: everybody using crypto is a terrorist …

i hope this is not the beginning of the end …

greets jens
jens - 10 11 07 - 13:46

time to move back to messenger pigeons …
(until they develop anti pigeon sam sites)
kral - 10 11 07 - 17:05

... You cannot have freedom of speech without the option to remain anonymous …
stef_ - 12 11 07 - 17:38

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