DVW and audio

die verbotene welt DVW, short for the german title 'Die Verbotene Welt' is one of the bigger, and popular german hobby game development projects, which is under development for some years now at Sechsta Sinn. Matthias Gall is the lead programmer of this team and recently blogged a comprehensive review of sound libraries, which he condsidered to be used for DVW's sound output. For their project, irrKlang is missing one small feature still, but it is planned to be added in the next release. Sechsta-Sinn switched to irrKlang nevertheless already as it seems, which is nice from my point of view of course.
I am really looking forward (for some years already) to DVW to be released, and hope that irrKlang will help them to do this ;)

six comments, already:

This game is just great. I hope they’ll finish it someday
Delight - 27 10 07 - 12:11

Aaahh DVW, loved to read their developer blog.
Who doesn’t know Sechsta Sinn in the german gamedev community? ;)
Btw, niko: http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=0..
Gauntlet - 27 10 07 - 14:16

WOW looks soo cool. IrrKlang is very good IMO. :-p
leo (link) - 29 10 07 - 09:50

*this is off topic*
Is it possible to add a capture movie feature in irrLicht.
Just like capture screenshot but instead it captures a movie.
Saw some stuff that may get you started…

It might be pointless but it can be a real cool feature to have in a 3D application/Game.
leo (link) - 29 10 07 - 13:40

this is also good
:-P sorry for spamming your blog Niko.
I hope you don’t mind. This is my last post on this subject.
leo (link) - 29 10 07 - 13:53

try fraps or some other video capturing tool :)
niko - 29 10 07 - 23:30

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