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Starting in 2008, the police will be able to search your hard disks without your knowledge when you are online, Austrian politicans just decided today (german link). That's that idea named Bundestrojaner, copied from the even nearly comparable clueless politicans in Germany.

fifteen comments, already:

ui, diesen link wollte ich dir schon heute vormittag schicken.. schrecklich!
dani (link) - 17 10 07 - 18:10

niko - 17 10 07 - 18:14

they would have to break thru my stateful firewall-router with no open ports into my iptabled ubuntu-desktop which accepts only ssh with 4096 bits private keys.

sind das nicht schon zwei strafbare handlungen?
terefang - 17 10 07 - 19:29

yea well, we can actually be happy that they tell us at least xD
doofi - 17 10 07 - 20:42

Is Austria in Europe or is another state of north america?
ASpanishGuy - 17 10 07 - 21:08


europe … not far away from spain xD

i think that this is only a threat for people who are not so experienced with inet/computers …

and i think no one here is doing things worth the trouble of installing the “bundestrojaner” to his/her computer
jens - 17 10 07 - 22:43

they can break the firewall? >_
Virion (link) - 18 10 07 - 05:42

David Tanzer (link) - 18 10 07 - 09:10

leo (link) - 18 10 07 - 09:50

I think the politicians think their “experts” were able to break into people’s computers without being noticed.
Matthias - 18 10 07 - 10:06

Well, first of all, the agreement of two ministers does not create a law – the proposition will first have to pass through both chambers of the Parliament. Secondly, it’s not like the law allows to search your computers at will – the police will only be allowed to do so on order of a public prosecutor after approval by an investigative judge (kind of like telephone surveillance now).
legalguy - 18 10 07 - 13:34

first: it is only a matter of time until they will weaken the necessity to get an approval of a judge – this is just the usual way it is currently done with austrian and german laws.
and second: No, it’s not actually a real trojan. The german say they are planning this by secretly breaking into your appartment and installing it on your pc.
niko - 18 10 07 - 19:06

“planning this by secretly breaking into your appartment and installing it on your pc” – Which would be illegal in Austria right now – AFAIK the police is not allowed to enter your house without your knowlege, even with a search warrent you have the right to watch them doing the search. Disclaimer: IANAL.
David Tanzer (link) - 19 10 07 - 08:59

anna - 19 10 07 - 10:24

It is true that the approval by an investigative judge will be neccesary, but right now in Germany many surveillance requests are just “passed through”, depending on the workload. So it might turn out if there will be very many requests, they won’t be thoroughly reviewed.
Telepath - 02 11 07 - 21:54

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