A relative just bought a T55. How cool is that?
For those of you who don't know what a T55 is (I didn't know *g*), it looks like this:

I mean, I just downloaded the Battlefield2 Demo, played it a bit, and I think I virtually drove in some T55's. My realtive now really drives this tank. Of course, it is demilitarised and not able to shoot, but it should be cool anyway, to drive with 45 tons of steel at 90 km/h through the woods. And no - I'm not a military fanatic at all, I just think it might be fun. :-)

seven comments, already:

I have to agree there, that would be damn fun :-D, Question though.. were exactly would you go to buy one of those? :-)
Specis (link) - 12 06 05 - 21:30

aww man, a real t55, so awesome drool

plz Ask him/her where i can get one :D
Micah II (link) - 13 06 05 - 20:20

you don’t have to be a military fanatic to think that is SWEET!
[Declassified] - 14 06 05 - 04:41

I don’t know where I bought it from, but if you are doing a google search, you can even find some of them for sale: http://www.tanksforsale.co.uk/T55/T55.ht..
niko - 14 06 05 - 08:47

Could you wrote on my mail adress some WWW pages for Irrlicht
(for source code of some projects, game ….)
+Xivo - 14 06 05 - 15:48

no. [sorry, really..]
niko - 14 06 05 - 17:40

Armin Ronacher (link) - 14 06 05 - 19:36

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