Parking Pond

Damn, I forgot I promised to fill this blog a bit more with non-Irrlicht content. So here is a picture I took when walking to work this morning. No cat content, but duck content on this blog at least. :)

Yep, that's just a wet spot on the ground, and there is a crowd of ducks, misinterpreting this as a lake. Also, notice the realistic environment reflection mapping on the water surface! :)

sixteen comments, already:

I’m especially impressed by the wet grass and the atmospheric perspective / fog!
And yea, I guess Ducks are the Cats of tomorrow!
DooFi - 05 10 07 - 17:50

is this irrlicht 1.4? WOW!
Halan - 05 10 07 - 19:11

Looks like a first screenshot of Irrlicht 2.0 :)
Sylence - 05 10 07 - 21:09

Wait.. is it… a picture of the real life?? HEELP!!
Alejo (link) - 06 10 07 - 03:07

Were those chickens.

joking =)
Virion (link) - 06 10 07 - 10:37

You can go duck hunting at home :P .
bull - 06 10 07 - 17:49

Well, I’ve already seen better renderings. The container on the right of the pic seems a bit unrealistic. It’s a bit tooo sharp. Some bloom would’ve done wonder. But if it’s real-time, it’s fantastic. If – what frame-rates do you get?
Lino - 06 10 07 - 17:50

And I also noticed the uber cranked up shaders on environment objects which are better then Half Life 2 and Bioshock. Really my eyes cannot discriminate real images from Computer Graphics these days. The only difference is infinity times antialiasing and great displacement maping that makes the difference.
kinjel - 06 10 07 - 18:28

To Lino,
Coincidentally I have also chosen Lino (before I saw ur name) as the name of my Sci Fi FPS for PC (which is intended to kill Halo). May make u happy I think.
Kinjel - 06 10 07 - 18:31

niko, you are actually doing advertisement right? I saw a web link on the billboard! I know you are!

Virion (link) - 07 10 07 - 02:57

Each time I see a lake, I can’t help but say : “nice water shader !”
Aranoth - 07 10 07 - 04:20

Damn this engine will kick UE3 out of the market ;-)
Q-efx (link) - 07 10 07 - 13:49

The grass looks realistic too.
Virion (link) - 07 10 07 - 14:07

And why do we buy all those video games?
In reality, for the best effect, all we have to do is – go to your nearest hunting store, but a knife, rifle and tons of ammo; then tell yourself “all people in yellow shirts are enemies”... load, shoot, reload, run. rinse. repeat ....
RustyNail - 07 10 07 - 18:51

hey, niko, opera reports this when lug checks for fraud on your blog:

“Opera has no information about the current site. It is not on the blacklist of suspected fraud sites, and it has not been verified by a trusted third party.

Please report this site if you believe it should be blacklisted.”

lug thought it was funny. :)
lug - 08 10 07 - 05:09

” Also, notice the realistic environment reflection mapping on the water surface! :) ” May be thats because its a real picture.. :-P
leo (link) - 17 10 07 - 09:01

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