Why I don't like localized ads

I am used to be forced to watch Austrian commercials even when I am watching german television. It sucks because Austrian commercials are absolutely boring compared to the german ones, but ok. I got used to this. But now, I noticed that google ads begin to appear in german language also when I am browsing international websites. Come on, that is totally disturbing. Not only because it doesn't fit into the whole website, but it also feels like I'm watched by a big brother, analyzing me. Of course I know that I am analyzed by adsense, but it's not always that obvious. Thinking of using ad blockers for the first time.

thirteen comments, already:

some ads simply read by IT and adjust accordingly. i see ads all the time purporting to be for things related to my particular city here in the US
The Anaconda - 25 09 07 - 22:23

err, by IP (by IT? o_O)
The Anaconda - 25 09 07 - 22:24

I use an ad blocker all the time. Maybe that’s why I never notice the ads on this page. :)

Of course you could also try using a proxy someplace. I’ve used a site called Invisible Tool quite a bit. http://www.invisibletool.info
Frobozz - 26 09 07 - 00:12

Austrian commercials are absolutely boring compared to the german ones? That’s really bad, because even the german ones are boring :)
Delight - 26 09 07 - 09:18

Except the Jamba-abs. They’re cool.
Matthias - 26 09 07 - 10:52

Matthias: You just made me throw up in my mouth ;)
Gauntlet - 26 09 07 - 15:16

I see German ads on some sites even though I’m in the U.S.
Michael - 26 09 07 - 15:41

Yes, I have seen a few German adds. They aren’t great, so I don’t want to imagine what the Austrian adds are like! :) I generally don’t mind localized adds, as I like looking at content that is at least relevant and might actually prove useful.
3ddev (link) - 27 09 07 - 15:19

Ups! Didn’t spell ads correctly above I don’t know what I was thinking! (blush)
3ddev (link) - 27 09 07 - 15:21

Stephan Schmidt (link) - 27 09 07 - 16:22

German ads? Everyone knows Aussie ads are the best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYGteJobK..
steve (link) - 27 09 07 - 17:08

yes, the blog software doesn’t print this, because it blocks comments using a custom modification i wrote myself and it’s not that perfect, sorry :)
so it looks like google is even storing what websites you are looking at to display you relevant ads on other websites, interesting.
steve: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thenerdsang.. ;)
niko - 27 09 07 - 17:57

lol @ niko and steve
Halan - 29 09 07 - 21:20

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