irrEdit user extension screenshot

You might have come across the Irrlicht Engine user named 'sio2' already, he is known for example for his cool looking Irrlicht Engine demos. One of the latest things he is doing is to use irrEdit, the Irrlicht Editor: Because it is completely extensible, he wrote some plugins for it and this is how it looks like on his System:

The shot is showing his own custom scenenodes for terrain, vehicles and ocean, here are some more. He also created a tree scene node plugin. Very nice.

six comments, already:

looks great.
jakthe - 22 09 07 - 12:16

Hey hey! that is the splatting terrain. isn’t that?

screenshot looks extreamly nice!
TheMiss - 22 09 07 - 13:35

Btw, we need some nice shader-water action :D
TheGolem - 22 09 07 - 13:37

Wow! That looks great! The terrain looks especially good, although the water could use a bit of work.
3ddev (link) - 22 09 07 - 20:53

Great screenshot!

TheGolem & 3ddev : Check the website, the water texture is only a place holder. In the game, water is pixel shaded and reflexted.
cmoibenlepro - 22 09 07 - 22:34

How do you make these plugins? I tried the example codes, but I never got serializeAttributes to work, the “Node Specific” attributes are never displayed. The code in the wiki isn’t working, too. IrrEdit seriously lacks some documentation, IMHO.
shogun - 04 10 07 - 21:01

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