Debian Sarge Released

Debian Sarge has been released. Wow. What's next? 3D Realms bringing out Duke Nukem Forever? Cool, so during the next few days, I think I'm going to try out Debian finally.

four comments, already:

What’s next? Apple went Intel yesterday as well O.O
Zaelsius (link) - 07 06 05 - 11:24

Debian is great but Ubuntu is also very good. It is based off of Debian but has better hardware support for the new stuff. I like them both.
firefly2442 - 08 06 05 - 06:37

Sarge for Servers, Ubuntu for Desktops.
Better hardware support and newer packages. And a really great community.
Armin Ronacher (link) - 14 06 05 - 19:37

Did anyone mentioned if anyone revealed their intent to package irrlicht for Debian and include it in unstable? the project seems to be very well worth exposing it to Debian (thus Ubuntu, ...pix, ...fix). There is already gentoo portage for it…
Yaroslav Halchenko - 05 03 06 - 06:02

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