Thieves! Blog Thieves!

I just spotted a blog (softwaregamesnews dot blogspot dotcom) which simply copies posts of other blogs including this one, adds a lot of goggle ads and tries to earn money from this. I think it works because people are getting there using search engines, and click on the ads then. The author or bot tries to get away with this by adding a link back to the original blog.

There were blogs like this before, but usually most people copied content from this blog as service for their users. If they did it in a copy'n'past mode, without adding some own informations or value, I asked them to stop doing this, and they usually understood and stopped. But it seems this one is really on the same level as spammers. Or did I misunderstand something? Anyway, I really don't want to create a copyright infringment nofitication. Hope someone does this before me.

Update: As rainer pointed out in the comments, now even this blog post has been published there. Woha. :)

ten comments, already:

At least they cited you as the source. At the end of the day this is pretty much what sites like Digg do ;)
steve (link) - 16 08 07 - 13:56

I ever copied 2 entries for my blog before. Yeah just two, which are both news. Am I consider as half spammer! >_
Virion (link) - 16 08 07 - 15:32

Hi steve.
Virion (link) - 16 08 07 - 15:37

Yes you are.
idareu - 16 08 07 - 21:33

virion: nope, you’re not a spammer :)
hm, right, digg does a very similar thing, but they don’t just brainless copy the full text of articles just to get search result hits :)
niko - 17 08 07 - 09:42

hmm, isn’t what aggregation is for ?
Gregory - 17 08 07 - 09:52

It’s kinda funny to see this blog entry (“Thieves! Blog Thieves!”;) on their site ;)
rainer (link) - 17 08 07 - 12:55

rainer: lol yeah I was LOL-ing and also most ROFL-ing when I saw this entry pasted on his blog. Is it something like bot?
Virion (link) - 17 08 07 - 14:24

Heh, I wonder if you could inject some nice javascript into their blog.
xDan - 17 08 07 - 16:21

I must admit I found some nice blogs via that thing though.
Marcus (link) - 18 08 07 - 12:37

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