Please vote for us (again)

As I have noticed, some people still didn't vote for us. Come on, please do this if you like Irrlicht, it's just a few clicks. If you haven't a sourceforge account yet, its just about three clicks more. Would be very nice of you, thanks! Vote now. (Background story)

fifteen comments, already:

“As I have noticed, some people still didn’t vote for us.”
WTF? I’m sure there are a lot of people who didn’t. O_o Scandalous. ;)
Matthias - 13 07 07 - 10:15

:) no, but for example some told me they would vote for us for sure, and only did after I asked them three or more times to do this NOW. :)
niko - 13 07 07 - 10:34

You have my vote Niko.. Irrlicht is the best ;-)
leo (link) - 13 07 07 - 11:47

sry i didnt vote before

Now i voted for irrlicht :)
halan - 13 07 07 - 12:11

You have my vote too. :)
Virion - 13 07 07 - 14:36

Sorry about the empty previous post, just a miss-click.
You calling out for this (again) did make me vote just now, it seems to work to repeat one’s wishes ;)
Hope you win.

Jerry - 13 07 07 - 16:44

I just registered and voted for Irrlicht. The final trigger was that you bought a Mac so we can count on fully featured Mac versions of Irrlicht and Irrsound in the future :-)
matt - 13 07 07 - 22:44

I signed up for the sole purpose of voting for irrlicht. Actually in the multimedia department, it was a tough call, as I’ve got the outmost respect for Inkscape. Will be fun to see in the end of july who the winners are.
Imbro - 14 07 07 - 01:03

Good luck Niko!

Irrlicht is the first!
Blizzard (link) - 14 07 07 - 12:59

(I meant Irrklang in my posting above, indeed.)
matt - 14 07 07 - 13:59

i’m sorry i couldnt for irrlicht for both games and multimedia. tremulous takes first for games, but i still voted for irrlicht in multimedia. :) btw good luck niko.
Styx - 16 07 07 - 02:00

I voted for irrlicht the first time u asked us to n voted for every category it has its name in! Hope irrlicht Wins!
Rapchik Programmer - 16 07 07 - 13:23

thanks all, nice, hope it helps :)
niko - 16 07 07 - 17:58

I didn’t have account but for irrlicht’ vote I created it one ;D
TheMiss - 19 07 07 - 10:55

Irrlicht is the best:)
Nadro - 21 07 07 - 11:23

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