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It's no secret anymore, dani just revealed my latest acquisition on her blog. (Death to the traitor! :) ) I've played around with it now for some days and I like it, altough I have some troubles with my keyboard and I needed some hours to get used to all the new shortcuts and the slight different user interface. I also already wrote some small test apps in C++, going to blog a small personal review soon.

eleven comments, already:

cool :) but a waste of money imo
halan - 06 07 07 - 13:57

why the mac mini? why not a macbook or an iMac? :)
bakkdoor (link) - 06 07 07 - 14:21

XCode already up and running, a proper Irrlicht/OSX release already almost finished ;-) Does it have a usable gfx card anyway?
hybrid - 06 07 07 - 14:33

Nice, I hope this means a new OS X version of Irrlicht soon :)
Julio Gorgé - 06 07 07 - 14:36

at least irrlicht (older version) runs, appears not to have display bugs and is quite fast :) but a mini is enough for me, right now :)
niko - 06 07 07 - 14:56

i love my iMac. although i wouldn’t say no to a macbook (pro? :D) either ;)
bakkdoor (link) - 06 07 07 - 15:46

Posted at 1337, lol
Arr - 06 07 07 - 15:54

I wouldn’t call a mini a waste of money… Sure OSX86 could be used on cheep computers… But if you are to do any real development… you’ll need something stable.
SkaCahToa - 06 07 07 - 16:00

SChelchte wahl, so kurz vor dem neuen Mac os!
da updaten die die hardware meistens auch …
Jan_ - 06 07 07 - 22:07

Looking forward to the review of your Mac Mini. I considered one of these for my in-laws, but they refused to leave the familiar sanctity of Windows (albeit despite their recent battles with trojans, virii and god knows what else).
Stodge (link) - 07 07 07 - 19:14

I’d never buy an Apple product; I’m just too insecure about my sexuality. :(
Matthias - 09 07 07 - 10:44

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