Dropping Support for Irrlicht.Net

Irrlicht.NET is a wrapper written in Managed C++, making Irrlicht available for .NET languages such as C#, VisualBasic and so on. I started this some years ago out of interest and fun. It works and some games already have been written with it, but it has a lot lesser functionality than the original Irrlicht Engine, and unfortunately, I poorly supported it. So it's time to end this misery: I'm dropping support for Irrlicht.NET completely.
But this actually is good news: Irrlicht.NET CP is an alternative, external project and does what Irrlicht.NET was intended to do, but better. If you want to use Irrlicht in .NET, try this. You can also use Irrlicht.NET CP under Mono (this wasn't possible with Irrlicht.NET because Mono doesn't support managed C++ or mixed mode assemblies) and do nice things like extending scene nodes, access the whole GUI stuff and similar. I tried out Irrlicht.NET CP for the first time a week ago and I really like it. Irrlicht.NET CP also supports Irrlicht 1.3.1 and we also hope to include it in future Irrlicht SDKs instead of Irrlicht.NET if possible.

eleven comments, already:

Good news for Emmanuel !

I use Irrlicht.NET CP, it’s a very good lib, with all the Irrlicht’s features.
Aranoth (link) - 02 07 07 - 19:40

I think is a wise decision!
redmonk - 02 07 07 - 19:52

Great choise!
Delight - 02 07 07 - 20:43

good choise.
Its better to concentrate on native Irrlicht.
pyro - 02 07 07 - 21:01

I think you’re right Niko, it was quite obvious you wasn’t having fun while developing Irrlicht.NET :)

...long life Irrlicht.NET CP
Zitzu - 02 07 07 - 21:11

wise decision, as long as both projects collaborate.
cmoibenlepro - 03 07 07 - 00:01

wow, very interesting News. I use Irrlicht.NET CP too…
so i hope for long live of irrCP and many many many many nice project…
JDHunter - 03 07 07 - 08:36

Yes, it didn’t make sense having two Irrlicht .NET ports. It was rather confusing while at the same time hard to choose between the two. Very good decision, Niko!
NOTE: I didn’t know that you could use irrCP with Mono! Cool!
3ddev (link) - 03 07 07 - 11:17

you can also use it in linux :)
niko - 03 07 07 - 17:08

tuxmack (link) - 03 07 07 - 23:37

I guess i am the only one sad about this :-(... But i guess Irrlicht.NET CP will do.. i have used it and its actually really GOOD. I just hope you will be lending a hand to the Irrlicht.NET CP team ;-)...
leo (link) - 05 07 07 - 10:00

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