Being a Lost addict as I have already proven on this blog is not that easy. It's so hard to wait all the time until the start of the next season. Two weeks ago, I think I have found a light substitute, namely Jericho, which has just started in the german speaking area. It also looks to be popular, today some people have hacked into the panorama camera of the Czech television and inserted a Jericho-like nuclear explosion into its live footage, shocking people watching the show (video of this on youtube). No, actually I don't think this was Jericho related (wahrscheinlich eher eine Aktion gegen den "Raketenschild" der USA) but it's funny and reminds of it.

seven comments, already:

I like LOST too.. You should try HEROES if you haven’t already seen it. Its really cool… ;-)
leo (link) - 18 06 07 - 18:34

and as a fan of “Surface” (which was canceled after 15 episodes unfortunately), I’m quite happy with “Primeval”, which is broadcasted just before Jericho. ;-)
ak (link) - 18 06 07 - 18:45

lost :S

what about the code-shirts?
halan - 18 06 07 - 18:55

jericho is over there wont be another season! sorry to crush your dreams niko
fox - 18 06 07 - 23:11

Actually, Jericho was just brought back by CBS for at least another seven episodes! The fans worked hard to get this show back! CBS will be re-airing the first season over the summer starting July 6, at 9:00pm eastern time. Tune in and see what all the passion is about! Come home to Jericho!
heather - 19 06 07 - 03:28

JERICHO is a GREAT show….very exciting and suspenseful…different. And the actors are wonderful.
If you are a woman, you will really like the lead actor…Skeet Ulrich….very nice looking and good actor.
And GERALD MCRANEY is in it from SIMON & SIMON. Remember him?
Grace - 19 06 07 - 04:16

Dunno about Jericho and Lost, but I’m a 24 addict, and since I tried to kill the time until 24 Season 7 with “Prison Break”, I#m addicted to Prison Break as well, lol. PB starts on RTL on the 21st, so if you can receive it, go watch it! But I can already tell you it’s better in english, as I doubt they can translate the psycho-voices and the ghetto slang :) Season 3 starts in August! W00t!
DooFi - 19 06 07 - 11:19

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