irrEdit 0.7.1 released

I just released irrEdit 0.7.1. There are some useful changes and additions in it, one is a frequently user requested feature, a 3D grid:

It is a bit transparent by default, but this as well as its size and color is configurable. Other new features include the 3D sound scene node (using irrKlang of course), as I already showed using this video, or Ogre 1.4 .mesh loading support. Happy downloading.

twelve comments, already:

i can’t wait to try it out… :-)
leo (link) - 15 06 07 - 09:12

This is starting to look really great, Niko! Keep up the good work!
3ddev (link) - 15 06 07 - 09:32

Looks like we will never see the source. Good work anyway.
Giacomo Graziosi (link) - 15 06 07 - 10:48

a question:
irrEdit is great, and I always see very nice scene (nicely modeled, and textured(!)). What model editor do you use for creating models and that open it in irrEdit. I know that Irrlicht support alot of models, but I don’t know which models most supported (at least ability to import: mesh, texture coordinates and animation).

Please, give me advice: what editor? and what format of model files?

P.S.: sorry for possible offtopic.

Thank You.
greenya (link) - 15 06 07 - 11:47

giacomo: the source is available, for about a week now, but maybe not in the way you wanted:
erik - 15 06 07 - 11:58

Looks like we will never see the Linux version. Good work anyway.
Research - 15 06 07 - 17:39

Two suggestions – remember last directory of opened model etc (including when restarting the program) – option for smooth FPS camera. instead of moving in discrete steps
bubbles - 15 06 07 - 18:52

btw, shouldnt the namespace be “klang”, not “audio” ;)
halan - 15 06 07 - 19:38

2nd for a Linux version of irrEdit… I don’t want to reboot every time.
stef_ - 16 06 07 - 13:11

I reckon give Linux support a complete skip. Why would anyone want to use irrEdit on Linux??? I use Linux personally for many projects, but 3d anything is last on my list of things I want to do on Linux.
wtf - 17 06 07 - 22:14

> Why would anyone want to use irrEdit on Linux???
Why would anyone want to use win32 for me…
stef_ - 18 06 07 - 11:06

I tried to quickly write a dirty linux version of irrEdit (even using wine), but the way currently Irrlicht uses rendering into mutliple windows doesn’t work nicely with OpenGL. But I’ll try again later.
niko - 18 06 07 - 18:12

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