If you know that guy on the picture to the right, you might be a little bit confused now. If you are not, then let me explain first why you should be confused: the guy on that picture, let's call him 'niko', is wearing a shirt with the Logo of Blade3D printed on it. You also had the possibility to see him running around in Vienna with that shirt recently ;). Blade3D is a Game Engine and content development pipeline for Microsoft® XNA, a game framework based on .NET, for PC and XBox 360. Now, niko is one of the guys behind Irrlicht, an open source 3D engine. So, what happened? Isn't Blade3D competition to Irrlicht, and why is niko wearing that shirt?
Simple answer: First, Blade3D is somewhat different, it is a commercial all-in-one game development system for .NET while Irrlicht is a cross platform graphics engine for C++. Second: The T-Shirt looks cool, and I totally like it, and there is no deep statement behind me wearing it. I also would put on an Ogre Shirt it I had one ;) Third: Blade 3D is one of the first commercial products using irrKlang, Ambiera's 3D audio library, and they liked it so much they sent me that shirt. Thank you!

ten comments, already:

lol i was a bit confused until i read the last part.. :) thats soo cool, irrKlang rocks. I hope they are giving you more than just t-shirts for your hard work ;-)
leo (link) - 14 06 07 - 09:13

Wow! Does it mean that irrKlang is protable on XBOX 360?
If yes, it really rocks!!!
Anyway, congrats! :)
IPv6 - 14 06 07 - 10:00

wow so it will be used very frequently now?
halan - 14 06 07 - 13:41

btw do you know whats the equal think to an e.U. in germany?
halan - 14 06 07 - 13:53

“I also would put on an Ogre Shirt if I had one…”

Me too! Maybe, Steve is reading this Blog Entry and has 2 shirts left, one for you and one for me ;) ...
[Duncan Mac Leod] (link) - 14 06 07 - 17:30

I don’t know, maybe e.K.? But no, I don’t think it runs on the XBox yet.
niko - 14 06 07 - 18:03

yeah whatever ambiera rocks! :)

btw: any new stuff in development or planning?
halan - 14 06 07 - 19:28

Nice to see irrKlang used in a commercial offering. Heh, Heh! Yes, Steve does read this blog! :)
irrdev (link) - 15 06 07 - 12:04

Clear on the third paragraph lol ;D
TheMiss - 16 06 07 - 02:15

You asked for it in second pargraph:

I’m not sure Ogre team will donate one of these to you, though ;-)
SickByte - 20 06 07 - 19:40

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