Fun founding a company

I really wonder how difficult it may be to type in a name and a number into a computer and let a new number be generated from it. I just called an Austrian government agency and asked the exact same question (read background story here).

Me: So, it's not finished yet?
They: No.
Me: Hm, so about when will it be done? I really need this.
They: In about 4 weeks.
Me: What? Why? I am now waiting for 3 weeks already!
They: That's life.
Me: But you told me this would take 2 weeks at maximum. Why will it now take 4 additional weeks?
They: That's how we are working here, sir.

Why again am I paying so many taxes?

fifteen comments, already:

dani (link) - 16 05 07 - 09:29

I feel your pain.
But I also would be slow if I had to play that many “Solitaire”-Games per day…
Kieni - 16 05 07 - 09:45

OMG this just cracked me up ;-)
‘They: That’s life.’
and even worse
‘They: That’s how we are working here, sir.’(they even add a sir)
Who says that.. your civil servants must really hate their jobs.
leo (link) - 16 05 07 - 10:31

Same story in France when dealing with the government.
That one of the reasons why I moved to the UK…
romain - 16 05 07 - 12:08

Incorporation or Organization in the States is done at the state level, not the national level. Most states are very quick about it or at least stick to the time line that they give you. The U.S. has its fare share of inefficiencies, but for the most part not in this area. Having been in the private sector, military, and a civil servant there are just as many lazy people in the private sector as there are in the public. Not true in the military though.
Nate - 16 05 07 - 12:52

You were supposed to ask wether there weren’t ahem “ways around” to “speed up the progress” of the cough “transaction”
g. (link) - 16 05 07 - 15:15

Is the conversation Verbatim? Cause if it is, I’m surprise how rude they are…well, to an American it sounds rude. :D
Jonathan Snyder - 16 05 07 - 19:15

I agree with g thats how things work in my country… expect in my country you would say.. ‘If you help this thing go faster I will buy you a soda’ (soda is code for Ahem…) [ok in my language its sounds cooler the translation to English doesn’t sound right] ;-)
leo (link) - 17 05 07 - 09:21

that’s the same here, the conversation was in German mixed with Austrian slang. Difficult to translate, and maybe might sound a bit more rude on this blog than it actually was. :)
niko - 17 05 07 - 10:03

Well in my country there is no need for ahems or even asking! The clerks there either say it on your face or give a sign that if you give them money your work will be done in a day! Like my friend got his drivers license in just a couple of hours, even tho he is still 17 (you need to be 18 for a license)!
Rapchik Programmer - 17 05 07 - 20:22

wow, where do you live?
erik - 17 05 07 - 21:55

cmoibenlepro - 18 05 07 - 00:40

hey leo, is it “te doy para la gaseosa”?

Cough reminds me of Colombian policemen asking for money to “buy coke-cola”
in exchange of them not giving a ticket.
juantar - 18 05 07 - 02:03

ahh niko what i wanted to ask you :P

what kind of company are you founding (just say the name in german i guess theres no big difference between german and austria?
an “AG”?
what advangtages do you get from it?
halan - 10 06 07 - 15:04

just take a look at, it’s written up there :)
niko - 11 06 07 - 16:57

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