Most people reading this blog know: I'm now standing a bit more on my own feet now. Maybe you've asked yourself what I'm doing now.
The answer is not very exciting. I have the feeling that most of the time until now, I've been waiting. Waiting for those Austrian civil servants and solicitors to get their job done. Example: The commercial court needed more than 6 weeks to send me a simple (snail)mail after they told me it would take them two weeks at most, in the worst case. Ahhrgh.
Ok, it's not that I'm really only sitting here, waiting and doing nothing. Actually I'm very busy and working a lot. But it is really impressive to watch the slowness of the state machinery. Which also slows down my plans a little bit.

ten comments, already:

halan - 14 05 07 - 18:48

I guess germany is worse ;)
Sylence - 14 05 07 - 20:29

Of course
halan - 14 05 07 - 23:05

umm, excuse my ignorance, but what exactly are you waiting for? what do you need from those civil servants?
juantar - 15 05 07 - 00:45

My guess would be registering a company? It was damn expensive and bearaucratic here when I did it too, but here’s the rub – they’re going to be making it cheaper and quicker soon, but balancing the cheaper registration with much higher annual fees – so I get screwed twice :(
Steve (link) - 15 05 07 - 11:27

steve is quite close ;)
but btw, I thought Ltd’s aren’t that expensive? Ok, just visited your webpage and it looks like it isn’t a Ldt, I thought it was :)
niko - 15 05 07 - 17:39

in germany, you got your small company quickly, the hell begins after.
for the first 24 month, you have to report every month about your income and your costs, etc. its really annoying. after the 24 month, you have to do this only once a year.
mirlix - 15 05 07 - 17:50

@niko: yeah, we are a Ltd company, but since the island I live on has a separate company register, it’s more expensive than mainland UK.

If I was selling stuff direct through the website I’d have to put all the corporate registry details on but since I’m not I don’t have to yet :) Which is especially good because I run it from home and would prefer if the whole world didn’t know my home address ;)
Steve (link) - 15 05 07 - 18:20

hehe, in some countries you’ll have to publish these details if you only have a website (that’s what you’ll find under Impressum on lots of german speaking websites) :)
niko - 15 05 07 - 19:35

really you have to?

shit hope nobody sues me :S

halan - 23 05 07 - 22:12

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