irrKlang 0.8.1 and my first own scene node

I just released irrKlang 0.8.1, which only includes some bug fixes. I also implemented something useful for Irrlicht Engine users: My first own scene node for Irrlicht [besides all the built-in nodes I wrote ;)]. An irrKlang scene node, which makes it very easily possible to place and play sounds in 3D space. It has 3 playback modes (random with an interval, looped and playing the sound only once) and should provide everything you need. It is cloneable and also has its own scene node factory, so you can load and save irrKlangSceneNodes to and from .irr files. I even wrote a short article on the Irrlicht Engine wiki about it. It is also usable as irrEdit plugin and will be included with full source in the next irrEdit release. In the editor, it looks like this (the sound icon is only shown in debug mode of course):

Yes, something similar has appeared on several screenshots already, but I didn't make it available until now. You can download the scene node from the ambiera irrklang download page.

seven comments, already:

etcaptor - 11 05 07 - 15:03

Nice nice nice. Keep it up up up! :D
Virion - 11 05 07 - 17:07

Woot! Thanks!
erik - 11 05 07 - 20:08

I can still see some googleads in this page. Thought you had removed them all.
yomero - 11 05 07 - 23:09

This is soo COOL Niko ;-) i cant wait to test it. Thanks for all the hard work. This is going to be a nice addition to IrrEdit.
leo (link) - 14 05 07 - 10:00

What do you think about a “DoorSceneNode” ?
stef_ - 14 05 07 - 18:39

Since irrEdit is getting too big and version 1.0 is almost out don’t you think something like IrrStudio or IrrlichtStudio would be a much better name now.. If i remember irrEdit was just a temp name ;).. anyways its not a big deal you can blog about it and see if people like it.. Something like IrrEdit vs IrrStudio which is better.. ;-)
leo (link) - 17 05 07 - 14:23

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