irrEdit 0.7 released

I just released irrEdit 0.7, the free 3d world editor. And as you might notice when looking at the web site, there are a lot of changes, not only irrEdit specific ones. I'll summarize this here a bit.
First, irrEdit 0.7 is completely new now, nearly everything has changed and I had to rewrite a lot of code. I hope that everything still works, but some things might be different now. There is now a plugin system for editing your own scene nodes or adding new file formats to irrEdit. There are example plugins with code to learn from it. It is also possible to let games run inside irrEdit, but this isn't totally finished yet, it doesn't work on some 3d hardware. The source of the engine used is included in the package, and there is a irrEdit library with a scripting and a physics engine included (undocumentated yet). Terrain editing is possible now as well. And, there is a new tutorial written by Daryl Lee. Here is a shot trying to show some of the features:

Because so many people asked for it: I'm also going to make the source of irrEdit available for people really needing it, for a small license fee. Also, you will be able to redistribute and customize the editor for your games with that license. This will be possible in about two weeks.

And finally, did you notice the new website and the new logos? Thanks for all the people sending me new logo ideas for irrKlang, irrEdit and irrXML, I liked them as well. But I've now decided to let new logos to be designed by Lemonaut Creations, and as far as I can tell, they did a good job.

28 comments, already:

Nice!! Both for the editor and logos. :)
Keep it up niko. :)
Virion - 27 04 07 - 11:10

Woah. Great work. The license fee is a very good idea as well :)
jasper - 27 04 07 - 12:38

great work ;)
‘love the logos
izguit (link) - 27 04 07 - 12:59

its gona be a nice weekend after all.. ;) thanks niko. I cant wait to try out irrEdit 0.7
leo (link) - 27 04 07 - 14:20

i love the new logos.. looking GOOD
leo (link) - 27 04 07 - 14:22

how much will be the fee?
Virion - 27 04 07 - 15:38

I don’t know yet, but affordable :)
niko - 27 04 07 - 18:52

Very nice.. I have been waiting for world editor library so that I dont have to develop from scratch.. And you have good lighting library which is a major plus
syedhs - 28 04 07 - 05:00

will there be a new logo for irrlicht too?
Virion - 28 04 07 - 06:55

Is the “gameexampleplugin” the WYSISYP feature…
Well, i dont know what i need to test but it doesnt seems to work for me:
Starting plugin: examplegameplugin
Generated terrain data (256×256) in 0.0410 seconds
DIRECT3D9 begin scene failed.
DIRECT3D9 begin scene failed.
DIRECT3D9 begin scene failed.
Skipping more following lines with the same content
– I dont know if thats help but i hope that….

Anyway heres my pc info:
Windows XP Home SP2
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ 2,61Ghz
2GB Ram
nVidia GeForce 7900 GTX 512Mb
Cocodrilo - 28 04 07 - 12:16

Surprised! when I opened home page ;D
TheMiss - 28 04 07 - 13:06

Wowowowooww!! Awesome
BlindSide - 28 04 07 - 13:58

leo (link) - 28 04 07 - 18:37

WOW! Very nice
tienlex - 28 04 07 - 20:31

I also have a new logo for irrlicht, but I think the irrlicht logo will stay as it is. We all already have familiarized with it very well :)
Yes, the game plugin bug is the problem I’ve been writing about. It will be fixed soon.
niko - 29 04 07 - 07:32

Show off the new irrlicht logo when you release the newer version of irrlicht (perhaps v2.0?). New logo! New technologies! New functions! New speed! Stunning! :p
Virion - 29 04 07 - 07:36

It seems that this release was rushed, here’s some bugs: gameexampleplugin works(?) only with Software renderer; sometimes it is impossible to exit irrEdit (it asks to confirm losing of unsaved scene, but after pressing OK it just goes back to editor), after opening options window exit works normally.
butz - 29 04 07 - 09:27

two words: new logo! :)

i agree witg virion. Use the new logo with the next release.
noone - 29 04 07 - 15:45

hi niko.
that is look fine but i couldn’t visit download page in several time that i tesed ( for download )
hassan - 01 05 07 - 13:48

what means you couldn’t visit it? what happened? Works fine for me.
niko - 01 05 07 - 17:48

okay, Here’s something strange…
I had my game terrain done with octree scene nodes in irrEdit, then the new version came out, and i read that they were not compatible irrEdit 0.6 and 0.7, so I started my world map again, tried to use multiple heightmaps in my technique but it’s really buggy, then I tried to go back to Octree scene nodes but it would crash trying to load them. To create my heightmap meshes i am using Milkshape 3d (latest version), they are 89×89 in size… not very big, then scaled up in milkshape 3d (i tried to scale them in irredit, and that works too. Now that i can’t use irredit 0.7 to work on my game I decided to go back to 0.6 to do it all over again, and now it won’t even boot… I re-installed irredit from the setup files but it is still not working… any fixes coming out, anytime soon? I don’t use other world editors, and I could really use the visual reference irredit provides me with.

please help.
tsghost (link) - 01 05 07 - 20:19

Same problem as tsghost here: OctTreeSceneNodes do not seem to work with .b3d files generated by gile[s], while regular meshscenenodes work…
I tried switching back to IrrEdit 0.6, but it doesn’t start anymore…
Any help?
Loris (link) - 02 05 07 - 17:17

working on this. :)
about irredit 0.6 not starting anymore: No idea.
niko - 02 05 07 - 17:33

I managed to convert my terrain meshes from ms3d to 3ds format, and re-inserted them into my game, it seems that irredit 0.7 cannot handle ms3d models with high poly counts (15000 or so poly will cause the editor to crash) Still can’t get irredit 0.6 working, but I don’t really need it anymore. 3ds format works fine so far, no problems to report there.

Good Job, keep up the hard work!
tsghost (link) - 03 05 07 - 22:45

tsghost I recommend X or B3D instead of 3DS, 3DS will not appear as smooth as those formats. (And is less optimised)
BlindSide - 05 05 07 - 17:39

I noticed this. Will definatly use .x or .b3d for player models,thank you for the tip :D
tsghost (link) - 09 05 07 - 02:07

when i try to import 3ds meshes from outside irredit to use in my custome worlds it imports fine. excemt the color and texture is blank. and if i try to add a texture it adds one bland solid color. wth?
Scott - 15 05 07 - 19:52

possible causes:
– .3ds is suck, (again, no smoothing, and if textures are included in file it might crash some progs, check website for more info)
– FOG! Check to see if the fog is turned on, IrrEdits fog settings are set to “White Pea Soup”
– Lighting? did you put a light into your scene? Check the default lighting color in your attributes for the root node, might need to change that too
– Texture Mapping: I find that the mapping is better done outside of Irredit, it’s far less confusing. (I use Milkshape 3d for most of my texture mapping and animating.)

wel,I hope this helps.
tsghost (link) - 29 05 07 - 18:43

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