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That's not possible. Or is it? Yesterday I announced my brand new email adress at my brand new domain on the main page of, and I didn't write the adress correctly, I wrote additional spaces and an (at) instead of @. Today I'm getting the first spam mail. 'argl'
Update: Replaced the adress with images. Hope it helps.

seven comments, already:

Perhaps nikoATirrlicht3dDOTorg would’ve been a little better. Anyway, spam is really annoying and seems inevitable…
bal - 10 04 05 - 11:30

yeah.. until there is something like death penalty for them..
niko - 10 04 05 - 13:21

you could also add the no spam to it as well!
ThaDamnItalian (link) - 10 04 05 - 16:45

I think your image approach will be fairly effective, as I dont think most of these spam bots go and look at pages for images lol. Text, definetly…lol..speaking of images..skinnable gui..cough…id like to help…
RabidLockerGnome (link) - 10 04 05 - 23:58

Isn’t the problem coming from this blog where your e-mail address is directly visible at the bottom of each post ? I don’t think spam robots are smart enought to decypher an address with the (at) inside… but I might be wrong, who knows really !?
jonjon - 11 04 05 - 14:38

Spam that comes from whois is worse.

Also, if you only have one mail account, your mail server may be passing any unsendable mail to you.

Heck, I have 3 anti-spam filters on my mail server and still get “h0t st0ck t1ps!!!”
Saigumi (link) - 11 04 05 - 15:11

I already thought about whois spam, but luckily I did not receive any yet. About the mail adress on this blog: It is being encoded with javascript, take a look at the source. Don’t know if this really helps, but I think.
niko - 11 04 05 - 16:05

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