The eagle has landed

Sorry for this empty blog this week, I'm currently moving. The biggest challenge is over now, I've internet access again :) My new appartment now looks like this, everything needed is there as you can see ;)

Ok, I'm now working on the other details, such as a place to sleep, tools to prepare stuff to eat, etc. This could take some days, but I hope I'll be blogging more and answering emails quicker again from now on.

thirteen comments, already:

So, the only things missing are your girlfriend and a bed to put her on. Looks like the move will be over quickly.
TheRLG (link) - 05 04 07 - 16:35

not to forget the big fridge with some cold beer in it! ;)
clemens - 05 04 07 - 18:50

Nice window. It’s brightly – and there are a nice reflections ;)
I like it.
etcaptor - 05 04 07 - 18:53

Looks like the way I setup my room when I first moved. :D Important things first. :D
Jonathan - 05 04 07 - 20:16

Haha, when I moved in, I slept on an airbed, sat on an inflatable chair and my desk was a plastic crate. But on this crate was my notebook and from there I had a cable running straight to my DSL modem :)

One has to set priorities :-)
matt - 05 04 07 - 21:47


Important stuff first! Net access, then phone, then tv.

You are all set!
Christophe Leske - 06 04 07 - 12:48

Niko, just out of curiosity. How much do you pay
for the apartment? I live in Latvia and I wonder
how the pricing differs.
Martins - 06 04 07 - 18:13

why dont you ask austrian irrlicht users for help?... i would help you too but i live near nuremberg, bavaria so its quite far
halan - 07 04 07 - 02:51

in vienna, an apartment costs about 12 euro per square meter. but depends on the area and the quality of it, of course.
getting irrlicht users to help me moving? funny idea :)
niko - 07 04 07 - 13:18

its not funny it will help you a lot :P

i know austrian people as very helpful ppl… at least more helpful than here in good old bavaria :P
halan - 08 04 07 - 03:25

Quitting your job… getting a new apartment… sounds like you need to create a nonprofit “Irrlicht Foundation” that can raise money for the developers. (like Blender Foundation)
TheRLG (link) - 08 04 07 - 20:08

Nice pad.
curt (link) - 09 04 07 - 22:42

The Blender Foundation is a non-profit company used for tax purposes mostly. to get started you could just setup a personal paypal account and do your taxes manually. if my website starts generating some money I would be happy to make a donation to irrlicht or niko. you would only need a “foundation” if it generated a considerable amount of revenue OR you wanted it to offset your taxes differently. like if it was a fund made only to support the cause no personal income. your work could also be considered a donation.
Midnight (link) - 24 04 07 - 18:34

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