Anti-Spammers Are Lamers

I'm getting lots of funny and strange mails from time to time, but this one was a bit different:

From: Foobar Baz <>
Subject: anti-spammers are lamers


regards, spammer.

What's the problem of this guy? Doesn't he like my modded blog comment form? Or was this against alvaro 'spam-killer' celis? I think I'll never get to know :)

six comments, already:

I think it’s nothing personal, i.e. not your comment form. I see lots of people getting emails exactly like this lately. Just some sort of spam that doesn’t make sense (they are not even trying to sell you anything!)
Aras Pranckevicius (link) - 24 03 07 - 12:14

Got this mail, too. Seems to be some kind of spam ;-)
I guess somebody tried to demonstrate how mighty his spam-network is.
Thammi (link) - 24 03 07 - 13:25

Uh yeah… “lookit me, my mail doesnt make sense, does not try to sell you anything, and does not contain any URL… and your spam blocker DID NOT FIND it, tee hee, i am so great…”

TheGolem - 24 03 07 - 13:30

ah, ok, that makes sense, I was already wondering.. :)
niko - 24 03 07 - 13:31

They probably assume that most of the population doesn’t know how spam filters work so the fact that such an e-mail couldn’t possibly get blocked (because it’s not even really spam) wouldn’t matter to them. Also, I heard that most spam blockers that put different weights on words actually make it easier, not harder, for e-mails with the word “spam” to get through because real spam would never have the word.
cowsarenotevil - 24 03 07 - 16:51

Pr3t3nd3r - 24 03 07 - 18:56

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