An outlook to irrKlang.NET and its implementation details

irrKlang.NET will be the .NET port of the next release of the irrKlang sound engine, to be released in about one week. This means simple and fast 3D and 2D sound playback of lots of (TBA) file formats for games and multimedia applications written in all kinds of .NET languages like C#, VisualBasic.NET, Boo, IronPhyton or whatever.
I've now some expericence porting C++ libraries to .NET (not only with Irrlicht.NET) and decided to improve the integration a bit this time. irrKlang.NET will be a stand alone, single .DLL and not need the native C++ .dll in addition as known from Irrlicht.NET, but it still will be able to load all C++ written plugin dlls. Basically, this was simply done by compiling the static irrKlang library into the managed C++ .dll, and then struggling a bit with initializing the static C++ initializers. There are lots of ways to do this, and the simplest way is calling __crt_dll_initialize(), as far as I've found out.
I'm not making every little detail of the original lib available in the first version of irrKlang.NET (like I'm going to omitt the possibility to write own audio decoders) but it will be pretty useful I think. And as far as I am counting the mails asking for this .NET version, I think a lot of people will be a bit happier after this. :)

nine comments, already:

Count me as one of the persons whom a .NET IrrKlang will make happier! :)
Zitzu - 21 03 07 - 19:08

Make that two ;-) its about time… i really like .NET it will just get better. Just check all the languages it supports
leo (link) - 22 03 07 - 08:41

Hooray…I am going to throw a party the day you release IrrKlang.NET. Your work is sincerely appreciated.
Nate - 22 03 07 - 16:56

I have a question:
Will you implament Direct X 10 into Irrlicht any time soon?
Game_Gneius - 23 03 07 - 01:54

I think DirectX 10 is only supported in vista… :-(
leo (link) - 23 03 07 - 08:06

I’ll buy a new pc + 3d hardware soon, so after this it’S more likely :)
niko - 23 03 07 - 10:02

Uh, I thought you will buy a Mac and care for the Irrlicht OSX port…
hybrid - 23 03 07 - 16:38

why not both :)
niko - 23 03 07 - 17:23

I have a problem in your design. I use Netscape.
ciket - 16 04 07 - 17:47

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