Irrlicht 1.3 released

We just released Irrlicht 1.3. Check it out.

nine comments, already:

Thank you for the improvements to an already fantastic engine. Are you shooting for .net port improvements in 1.4?
Nate - 16 03 07 - 16:47

yep, that’s on my list, I’m also planning to do a lot of major additions for the next release. For this one, most of the new stuff has been written by hybrid, bitplane and tom and I had not much time to do a lot of work.
niko - 16 03 07 - 17:06

Thanks and good job niko, you earned a bottle of tequila! (from Mexico) :D
bicunisa (link) - 16 03 07 - 17:48

Thanks for new version! =)
Irrlicht rocks! ;-)
resu_t - 17 03 07 - 18:32

Congratulations! What about this “burning video” renderer. Is this just a new name for an advanced version of the Apfelbaum renderer? Sonds definitely faster but also more mainstream…
geoffrey - 17 03 07 - 20:46

yep, just another name :)
niko - 19 03 07 - 17:35

WOW niko… thanks again for yet another superb release… i hope irrEdit 1.0 is just around the conner. :-)
leo (link) - 19 03 07 - 18:22

Hey my request for q3 shaders was implemented!!! Shaders introduce an entirely new touch, i mean if u look at the ogre bsp demo and then load the same level in irrlicht it shows the difference shaders make! And with the beginning of the entity system too it wud b awesome to work with bsps!
RapchikProgrammer - 19 03 07 - 23:46

One question for further Irrlicht releases: When OpenGL VBO/Direct3D Buffers drawing will be implemened in Irrlicht renderers? I think there was such question before me. :)

Thanks. Sorry for my bad english. =)
resu_t (link) - 20 03 07 - 06:08

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