Demonstrations in Austria

Just went home from work and to my surprise I came across a starting demonstration against our new government. The new austrian government just was officially announced this morning, and lots of people are angry already because the biggest party, SPÍ, is going to break their main pre-election promises, as I already wrote.
Demonstrators starting to gather
This street is usually full of cars, at this time

This morning, the new government even ordered about 1000 policemen to protect them from the "ready to use violence" demsonstrants. (Weicheier (=mollycoddles) if you ask me :) )
Vienna townhall near ÍVP
Not a big demo

I moved along a bit, to see if they blocked the SPÍ and ÍVP headquarters as well, but it didn't look like it. I shortly thought about staying and taking part in the demo, but I was too hungry and tired from work. Because it looked that nice, I took a picture of the Vienna townhall near the ÍVP headquarters at least. :)

fifteen comments, already:

yeah its really a crime what theyre doing. i read about it in my newspaper today (franconian one)
Halan - 11 01 07 - 18:55

I read about this as well… Well, demonstrating is no crime as long as no violence is used…

Off-Topic: Vienna looks really pretty :)
jasper - 11 01 07 - 21:19

@jasper: It’s a crime what the government is doing. That’s what Halan probably wanted to say.
oli - 11 01 07 - 22:26

Halan - 11 01 07 - 23:32

Sorry to hear about the broken promises. Although I don’t really agree with socialistic ideas (government paid edu), I believe it is an atrocity not to do the will of the people who voted for you. Politician lack character everywhere.
juantar (link) - 12 01 07 - 00:23

well if youve to pay for university is one thing but breaking promises sucks ;)
Halan - 12 01 07 - 14:39

5 days and niko hasnt bloged… how strange :)
leo - 15 01 07 - 07:57

yeah think hes dead
Halan - 15 01 07 - 15:25

Maybe he got arrested for rioting ..? ;)
Clement - 15 01 07 - 19:05

maybe his girfriend accendly destroyed his computer ;)
Halan - 15 01 07 - 19:21

Maybe he started playing world of warcraft =)
blah - 15 01 07 - 19:38

or maybe he was assassinated by commercial game engine companies
jasper - 15 01 07 - 20:38

harhar :)
niko - 15 01 07 - 21:06

niko isnt dead! (thank goodness), but a quick forum search tells me saigumi hasn’t posted since march 2006 far as i can tell, and irrforge has dropped?! anybody know what happened??
buhatkj - 15 01 07 - 22:23

Doing a bit of detective work:
– Saigumi’s Irrlicht forum profile:
– Saigumi’s website pointed to from his profile:
– Last post on his page shows “Submitted by saigumi on Fri, 2006-10-20 01:47.”
– At least he couldn’t have died before ~3 months ago.
– Guessing from the title of his page “Breaking things constantly” he’s probably just too busy.

Hopefully we’ll see him soon again tho :)
Clement - 16 01 07 - 09:15

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