irrKlang 0.4 released, Logo wanted

I just released irrKlang 0.4. Originally I wanted to create a bug-fixed version tagged 0.3.1, but because I implemented several user requested features, it's 0.4 now.
The major new feature is support for the GCC compiler, the irrKlang and ikpMP3.dll and all precompiled example executables are now available as GCC version in addition to the VisualStudio/Microsoft compiled version. Because my preferred GCC IDE is Code::Blocks, I've added preconfigured Code::Blocks project files to the archive. irrKlang is now able to play sounds directly from user provided memory locations and it is now possible to override file access easily. There are two new additional examples/tutorials as well, demonstrating how to use some of the new features.
I didn't update the whole website of irrKlang yet, only the download section, but feel free to download the new version of the library and have fun with it. I hope I've some time to update the site this evening. :)
BTW: I think I need a new irrKlang logo, the current one really sucks. I'm going to try to create a new one by myself, but if you think you can create a nicer one, just send it, I would be glad, and you would get all the fame and fortune :)

fourteen comments, already:

Thanks niko :)
‘Would be very useful with gcc suppotr ;)
izguit (link) - 09 01 07 - 19:02

Ah thanks ! :D
Aranoth (link) - 09 01 07 - 19:02

niko, you rock! thanks a lot! now downloading :)
jasper - 09 01 07 - 19:31

seems like you put a lot of effort in irrKLang. i hope your girlfriend isnt suffering from it ;)
Halan - 09 01 07 - 22:18

thanks, great library!
erik - 10 01 07 - 17:02

IrrKlang looks great and keeps getting better. Any chance of a c# wrapper?
Nate - 11 01 07 - 00:03

planned for the next release.
niko - 11 01 07 - 17:58

What’s wrong with the logo you have now? It matches the irrlicht logo perfectly. Unless you want to change the Irrlicht Engine logo, I say leave the logo alone.
blah - 11 01 07 - 19:57

C# wrapper will be easy with headers
izguit (link) - 12 01 07 - 21:29

I’m really liking irrKlang (thanks for adding MinGW support)! I noticed this line in the license: “The irrKlang.dll file may be redistributed without the authors prior permission, and must remain unmodified.” Could you make an exception for compressing the .dll? I like to use UPX before distribution.
lonesock (link) - 12 01 07 - 22:19

sure, compress it if you need. I’ll add some text like this with the next release.
niko - 13 01 07 - 08:15

Hey niko can you add MOD support to IrrKlang, it will make it very good for music. Here is an opensource MOD decryption library I do not think it will take much to implement:
BlindSide - 14 01 07 - 09:57

Your irrklang website doesn’t display in awful IE 6.0
Works perfect in firefox, but the default browser at my college is ie :)

Raedwulf - 16 01 07 - 10:00

I wrote an IrrKlang Wrapper, you can find it there :

or (download libraries section)

Have fun!
BMarleyFR - 18 01 07 - 10:15

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