Gothic 3 finished in 53 minutes

Talking about Speedruns, here is another very interesting one published today: Someone finished Gothic 3 in 53 minutes (german link, videos). Impressive, especially because it is a RPG. I bought Oblivion instead of G3, so maybe a chance to see most of the G3 world :) But I guess someone will finish Oblivion quite fast as well, as someone finished its precedessor, Morrowind in about 7 minutes already.

eight comments, already:

The morrowind video is complete cheating, they cut out a lot of stuff like traveling, a lot of other important stuff as well as the cheating parts …
artemis - 06 01 07 - 02:10

somebody already did oblivion:
erag - 06 01 07 - 13:34

Well, i wouldn’t consider the morrowind video as cheating. He is just using some flaws in the ingame mechanics, but he is not doing soemthing violating the physics and mechanics of the game. If you read the very detailed description of the speed run you see that he is only using items and spells found at certain points within the game.
SirKline - 08 01 07 - 12:18

Well, i wouldn’t say that Morro-in-7-minutes is that interesting…
Bazzilic (link) - 12 01 07 - 09:56

Thats another point, however, I’ve never seen an interesting speedrun. These folks are just showing what is possible, mostly by the already mentioned use of flaws in the game mechanics. For example, the diablo speedrun was also done with a known map layout for speed reasons.
SirKline - 12 01 07 - 12:58

And those recently posted by Niko HL2 97-minutes speedrun was far from interesting too.
Bazzilic (link) - 12 01 07 - 14:24

As long as they are done without cheating(and that flaw in the game-machanics in morrowind is not cheating) I think speedruns are very interesting.
Matthias - 15 01 07 - 10:47

woww gothic my favourite game, a plaing for 1,2,3 parts, this is great
Gothfan (link) - 18 01 07 - 02:58

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