irrKlang 0.3 released

I'm back from holidays refreshed and relaxed, hello in the new year 2007. As I promised I'm going to continue with full speed now, and as kind of proof here is a new release of irrKlang, the free sound library: It features mp3 support (via plugin which comes with full source and which represents now my first LGPL software, including code from ffmpeg and Matt Campbell), a plugin system, various built-in rolloff models, 3D sound buffer support, two tutorials, debugger support, several bug fixes and more.
irrKlang now has so much features and is very stable so I thought about tagging this release with 'version 1.0', but maybe it's better to wait with this and make it available on other platforms first as well. Hope you like it and thanks for the overwhelming interest in that library.
I also reworked the website for irrKlang and irrEdit and made it resolution independent, hope it works with all browsers. If you discover any problems, please tell me.

thirteen comments, already:

wow, yes, that’s to be called full speed :) thanks for the new release, i’ll just have a look…
Lino - 02 01 07 - 10:47

The .chm in the .zip is about the 0.2 version!
Erik - 02 01 07 - 12:54

ups, corrected
niko - 02 01 07 - 13:16

Hmm very nice. Checking it out now
jasper (link) - 02 01 07 - 13:22

why are there two of four questions about irrEdit in the irrKlang FAQ?
benjamin - 02 01 07 - 13:42

copy ‘n’ paste error. Fixed it. Thanks for reporting!
niko - 02 01 07 - 13:56

New features are nice, but I am still waiting for a MinGW version of the lib

Take your time !
Aranoth (link) - 02 01 07 - 20:26

Would you mind adding me to your link list niko? I am just getting started with the whole blogging thing, although mine isn’t necessarily about Irrlicht or game dev.
blah (link) - 03 01 07 - 03:44

Yeah, a MingW version would be awesome o_o
jasper (link) - 03 01 07 - 10:25

Just follow the tutorial on converting msvc libs to mingw .a files found on the Irrlicht forum. You don’t really need a version compiled with mingw (it might even be more ressource consuming).
hybrid - 03 01 07 - 11:17

It doesn’t work for me : I have done “reimp -c irrKlang.lib ” and got a libirrKlang.a but when I try to link it with my project, MinGW says: “undefined reference to `imp__ZN3irr5audio20createIrrKlangDeviceENS0_21E_SOUND_OUTPUT_DRIVEREiPKc’”

Aranoth (link) - 03 01 07 - 14:54

don’t think if this would work at all, even if you get around the linker error (for example by loading the dll manually). GCC and VisualStudio builds are not binary compatible at all, leading to crashes. But I’ll try to provide a GCC working version soon.
niko - 03 01 07 - 17:20

Will irrKlang ever run on linux?
erus - 04 01 07 - 04:34

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