Irrlicht 1.2 released

We just released Irrlicht 1.2. Includes new features such as Sun Solaris/SPARC support, improved .3ds, OGRE .mesh, .ms3d and COLLADA loaders, hardware texture coord manipulation and non-power-of-two texture support, and more, but see for yourself.

fourteen comments, already:

Been waiting for this quite a while – great job by the team. Has the .NET wrapper also been updated/improved?
Danijel - 29 11 06 - 20:12

oh yeah :D:D, you finaly released Irr 1.2 , big thanks for all team, you are great
halun - 29 11 06 - 20:22

A very BIG thank you niko and the irrlicht team ;)
bicunisa (link) - 29 11 06 - 21:38

juchheisasa! i’ll try it right away :D
Lino - 29 11 06 - 21:51

Great – thanks for all the work!

But has the .net version had any bug fixes and/or been brought upt to date with the rest of the engine?
Matt D - 29 11 06 - 22:28

Wow! I mean Wow. This version ran so much better on my system than 1.1 I dont know what it is but you never seize to amaze me niko and Irrlicht Team! Thanks
Wmbest2 - 30 11 06 - 04:44

Let me go and download it super quick… i just got irrEdit 0.6 and its soo superb.. the export feature is really coming in handy niko. I had all this meshes in 3ds, obj and .x i am now happy i can have all of the in the .Dae/collada format.. I hope you will soon add animation suport in the collada format. i dont even know if it is possible. I did some research on the net about collada and didnt see anything on animated meshes or even bones. But that would really be helpfull.. esp for me ;-) i have all this RPG models I have stripped from NWN/WOW and Dungeon Siege and I would like to use them on my RPG.

THANK YOU NIKO you really do soo much work…
leo - 30 11 06 - 08:32

thanks niko for all the hard work. I wanna know though (couldn’t see it in the change log) have you not put in the compiler #defines yet so that you can easily build custom version more streamlined:


etc. Basically similar to BlitzMax framework commands so you can leave everything in in default or specifically use #defines to say what you do want before rebuilding. I am STILL using a highly customised version of 0.14!!! because I have so much work to do on any new version to get it to where I need it again, I am going to have to do it with 1.2 because it’s got too many important fixes since 0.14 but it’s a long hard task.

isit? - 30 11 06 - 16:15

craps, time to covert svn projects to 1.2 :)
lug - 01 12 06 - 06:56

NICE!!!! New features and releses keep appearing JUST as I need them in my game :P thanks (cant wait to try it)
JPulham - 01 12 06 - 13:45

Whoa! that’s cool….Now, they just need to update the JIRR so I can use it in Java. Don’t know C/C++ :D
JonathanS - 01 12 06 - 17:52

hmm i read that there are many bugs in linux, hope it will be fixed, well under 1.1 you cant turn off the mouse, (virtual error, even it is the object… )
Q-efx - 02 12 06 - 13:52

Linux is working well in 1.1 (maybe some revisions later due to OpenGL init problems), you just have tom recompile the lib. Read the forum threads! And I’ll do my very best to make it even better. I think we made a much better job with 1.2 compared to the bugs that showed up immediately after the release of 1.1 ;-)
hybrid - 03 12 06 - 00:34

Well, but in 1.2 the virtual problem with mouse and keay stays… :( .. well, but no just deleting the virutal constroctur and recompile *g
Q-efx - 06 12 06 - 17:20

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