New website launched

My satellite projects (irrKlang, irrEdit and irrXML) have been distributed across the web (ok, only on *g*). I had to maintain a complete website for each of them, and this was a bit complicated and too much work, I decided to move them together to one single page. I thought about a website name, sat down and hand-wrote a nice css file and some .html files, and that's it: Here's the result.
As several people told me already, there's much space for improvement, but for a first version, it's ok for me. :)

fourteen comments, already:

impressive! [..but several people are right. ;)]
dani (link) - 24 11 06 - 20:02

I hope that one day, all the parts can roll into one Ambiera and have some nice unity. Anyways…

You should consider crafting the site with WordPress and adding bbPress for forums to have an integrated user experience.
RabidLockerGnome (link) - 24 11 06 - 20:27

Excellent website!
But I coudn’t find RSS. Do you have rss there?
Birukoff - 24 11 06 - 21:44

So I guess all this will become the Ambiera Game Studio or Ambiera Game Engine one day? I agree that the site is not yet perfect, but okay for a start.
matt - 24 11 06 - 21:58

It’s a very good start ;-) but there could be improvement. First I would like if you kept the same design as Irrlicht site to be more consistent. Also it would be a good idea to change the logo… It’s not as good as the Irrlicht one… Why not a logo contest?
cmoibenlepro - 24 11 06 - 23:14

100% agree to cmoibenlepro
sanjin - 24 11 06 - 23:55

Why Ambiera? I would prefer IrrTools or something like that. And Irrlicht should be there also. You should put all your tools into one site. But as a first attempt, it’s great!
miguel (link) - 25 11 06 - 11:08

I agree with miguel, why not put irrXML, irrEdit and irrKlang directly on irrlicht3D site ?
Aranoth (link) - 25 11 06 - 13:53

When you have time it would be fun “IrrNet”: wrapping Enet (or another LGPL library) and adding: client-prediction/interpolation/extrapolation and integration with irrlicht :) Nice site!
stef_ - 25 11 06 - 14:59

Please! Let me Plagiarize your design(s)!!!
I suck at making my own!!!
And I also agree at putting everything on the Irrlicht site… – would make it easier to have them all in one place.
And also, 2nd for IrrNet
RustyNail - 26 11 06 - 02:41

I don’t agree with the rest of them. I personally believe that your projects should combine into one modular engine. They should only share one mutual dependency which is the Irrlicht.Math (or Core) classes. That combined engine I think should be Ambiera. Then, your projects could move over to a nice Ambiera site… Irrlicht to me sounds more like a simple quake-like engine that could deploy Ambiera. but that’s just me being weird.
RabidLockerGnome (link) - 26 11 06 - 18:22

hm, thanks for the suggestions, have to think about them :)
niko - 27 11 06 - 17:34

why isnt irrlicht3D on the software list… just add the link even if it will point to the irrlicht3D.. anyways the big question what does Ambiera mean… it does sound good… hope its not your g/f name :D… but the page looks awsome… will save me time when I want to get new irr* updates.
leo - 27 11 06 - 18:26

Okay, this maybe off topic, but irrKlang needs a x64/64-bit port.

I had to remove it from my build and revert back to FMOD (which has win64 and win32 libs) when I tried building an x64 version of my project. :(
jclins - 28 11 06 - 01:36

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