irrEdit 0.6 released

I just released irrEdit 0.6, including the global illumination/radiosity light map generator. It's not perfect but it works. I think you'll also like the fixed bugs and the compatibility with the upcoming Irrlicht release ;).

Looking at the screenshot makes it clear that it already evolved a bit since the first version, nice.
Ok: irrKlang 0.2 and irrEdit 0.6 done now. Next: Irrlicht release. Phew. If this isn't a hobby. :)

sixteen comments, already:

What to say…. What to say….
I need some of your perseverance…
Come on, I haven’t finished Quake 2 (3 years ownership), Half-Life (2 years) or FarCry (1 year)....


Anyway, irredit is looking cool & my question about Gile[s] still stands… ;-)
RustyNail - 20 11 06 - 21:26

Do you plan a port to Mac OS X ?
mario - 20 11 06 - 21:48

Quite nice :) Second vote for Mac OS X!
Jeedee - 20 11 06 - 23:37

This is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen. The lightmapping is so great.
Anonymous - 21 11 06 - 00:14

I think that for a rendering engine developer (like you niko)
a scene graph editor (running with the same rendering engine)
is the main important thing to develop. In this way you can easily
test (and show to the world) all your features without to write
a test program. Really good work!
stef_ - 21 11 06 - 00:36

I hope you port this to linux some day!
Gothi[c] - 21 11 06 - 01:35

2nd for Linux.
And when will you reveal the secret feature planned for Irrlicht?
The one you told us about at the beginning of Irredit.
I, for one, am getting really impatient, I really want to know what the secret feature is!!!! tell us, please!
RustyNail - 21 11 06 - 02:04

Hmm. I do have one problem with the light mapper (actually it’s always been there but I kept telling myself I was just imagining it and it wouldn’t exist in this release): when I use the lightmapper, it always gets set on lightmap_m4. When I try to change it to a different setting (m2 or plain shadowmapping), it only changes part of the level, rather than the whole thing, and it looks very strange. Is it just my computer or is this a known issue?
Anonymous - 21 11 06 - 04:04

It’s awesome that you share your hobby with the public instead of being like “This is my stuff. If you want to use it (commercially), you have to pay”. :)
Hurz - 21 11 06 - 07:55

Third for Linux.
And please open the source :-)
flowolf - 21 11 06 - 15:13

He will, when he considers it good enough for irrlicht programmers ;-), won’t you niko? (hope that came out right. no offense was meant to anyone)
RustyNail - 22 11 06 - 01:15

A Linux port would be very nice.
Thomas - 22 11 06 - 13:09

as said before: both are planned. :)
niko - 22 11 06 - 19:29

I know, but I’m impatient ;)
Gothi[c] - 23 11 06 - 09:30

Fourth for Linux…
Bubla - 24 11 06 - 16:40

Jeah linux would be nice, well maybe is qt in version 4 intereseting for such athing? ;)
Q-efx - 24 11 06 - 17:36

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