irrKlang 0.2 released

I just released version 0.2 of irrKlang, a free 3D audio library. Changes: Several user requested bug fixes, major new features are scheduled for the next release. Thanks for all the nice feedback so far. Looks like it was the right decision to release that lib instead of using it just for my own. According to the download numbers, quite a lot of people are using it, or at least have taken a look at it. :)

17 comments, already:

irrKlang is great (I’m used to the Irrlicht API so it’s easy to understand for me), but I would like to know if you plan to add Linux support (it’s the only lib you’ve made that can’t run on Linux, isn’t it?).
miguel (link) - 14 11 06 - 19:11

Do you plan to integrate irrKlang into irrlicht someday?
Fre4LeTy - 14 11 06 - 19:31

It’s interesting, but I can’t use it because it doesn’t work on linux and I need portability… But I understand that irrklang is in its initial phase and that it could be added later.

Also I think that, when it’s completed and stable, irrkliang should be merged with irrlicht.
bulbazaur - 15 11 06 - 01:47

short question (going a bit off-topic): why does the frontpage tell me here are seven comments when here are only three? the same for the previous post: frontpage (8) against reality (4)

@topic: can’t wait for the day when i have internet again and am able to try out the changes!
Lino - 15 11 06 - 09:18

okay, everything seems to be right again. strange…
Lino - 15 11 06 - 11:23

There are no *.a file with this version too…
So I can’t use irrKlang with MingW :(
Aranoth (link) - 15 11 06 - 15:45

hey niko,
i really love irrKlang like i love irrlichts, because both are soo simple to use also i want irrklang to merge with irrlicht. it wouldn make the api much bigger… but better :)

also i want to see some more tutorials on the irrklang site

Halan - 15 11 06 - 15:58

linux and gcc versions are planned, as well as more examples and tutorials. :) About the changing comment amount: That’s when spam get deleted. The counter is not being updated then until the next new comment. And after you made your comment about a wrong comment count being displayed, it has been corrected, just by your comment *g*
niko - 15 11 06 - 17:28

irrKlang doesn’t need to be “integrated” into the Irrlicht SDK. It is already very “integrable”, just use it.
bicunisa (link) - 15 11 06 - 18:08

“linux and gcc versions are planned”

Good news ! irrKlang is very easy to use for who know Irrlicht :D
Aranoth (link) - 15 11 06 - 21:28

i’m glad i did something usefull that day :D
Lino - 16 11 06 - 10:04

Can we expect a .NET wrapper for this just like for Irrlicht by any chance?
Danijel - 16 11 06 - 10:23

irrKlang is turning up to be a great lib.I hope you will soon join it with the irrlicht lib and make it something like irr::audio or may be even join it with the scene node irr::scene::audio and have an audio controller to be loaded with respective irr::mesh::audiocontroller::loadclip() should be a interesting thing espcially for 3D sound esp for props like airvents and water falls.. the sky is the limis coz even something like make a sound when an action is performed you can link it to the md2 animations irr::mesh::loadAnimationAudio()
leo (link) - 16 11 06 - 12:14

And what about Mac support? Is it planned? Would be awesome. OR maybe release the lib under the zlib license? That might turn IrrKlang into a serious alternative to OpenAL.
Jedive - 16 11 06 - 14:10

yep, maybe. But give me some time :)
niko - 16 11 06 - 18:05

Glad to hear you’ll port it to linux!

Awesome work niko!
miguel (link) - 16 11 06 - 18:31

I’m getting some strange noise after playing a wav file in a loop for an extended period of time. FMOD plays it fine thought. I’m currently trying out audiere. I must say the api is quite nice in irrKlang for users who are familiar with irrlicht. Nice, job, niko!
jclins - 19 11 06 - 03:29

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