irrEdit 0.5 released

I just released irrEdit 0.5. It includes some new features, several bug fixes and a few added user requested features. Have fun with it. It now looks like that:

irredit 0.5

The scene loaded in the shot shows a level from Arena, a game created by Marko Jelen/Drunken Knight Games using Irrlicht. The level has been lighted with the irrEdit built in lightmapper. Here's another one:

BTW: Thanks for the overwhelming interest in irrEdit, it's quite motivating. :)

22 comments, already:

Hey niko, thanks for all the time invested in this tool.

I think this will help the Irrlicht community a lot ;)

Now let’s take a look at it!
bicunisa (link) - 14 10 06 - 18:22

Sorry for the double post but… I think it would be a nice feature if you included a “full size image screenshot” link for those thumbnails. :P
bicunisa (link) - 14 10 06 - 18:25

looks god-damn good!
great lightmapper
pyro - 14 10 06 - 19:03

love it… thanks for all you work :D
JPulham - 14 10 06 - 19:35

Well done :) It’s amazing how much good little bit nicer art can do ;)
Steve (link) - 14 10 06 - 19:57

Lightmapper is great !

But it’s to difficult to set position of a node with the properties panel.
It will be geat if a new input window open when double-clicked on the ‘Position’ label.

(I’am sorry but I’am not english as you can see)
Aranoth (link) - 14 10 06 - 20:03

Seems really great, unfortunately I can’t get it under wine or cedega :(

Just hoping it will work one day for Linux :)
DeusXL - 14 10 06 - 21:46

Wow! That’s one beautifully lightmapped scene! I’m going to download this now! :D
Dougall - 15 10 06 - 00:09

thanks, my tree.3ds works now and no more crashes when selecting terrain:). one thing i like to add though, it be cool if their be a extrude and a selecting side option so like you have a box and you select the left side of it and you press delete and then add another box to it so it be another room so the wall wont be in the way. Like 3 world studio has or 3d max.
a_haouchar - 15 10 06 - 05:09

Wow now that’s impressive!!!
macomac - 15 10 06 - 07:55

Looking so NICE! congratulation (joker)
Lonerunner - 15 10 06 - 10:27

It’s soooooo good :-D

cmoibenlepro - 15 10 06 - 18:09

Very impressive, this will lead to better and more game made with irrlicht, love ya.
George Sim - 15 10 06 - 18:12

I’m looking forward to the user data. Presumably I could then add physics data e.g. crates etc for ODE. Will you be able to add irrlicht data types, like a vector3df…?
Dan - 15 10 06 - 22:21

it’s great! Congratulations (blush)
bulbazaur - 16 10 06 - 18:53

Quote from the changelog:
>> Possibility to set working directory, so irrEdit no longer needs to be in the same directory as your application / game

Call me blind if you want, but could someone tell me how to set the working directory???
fan - 17 10 06 - 13:52

only possible via scripting currently, just use the scripting window. See the 5th point in the change log:
niko - 17 10 06 - 17:50

Already saw the scripting way, but it still feels like a hack.
If I use this function, irrEdit’s resources can’t be found (for example, no camera or light textures).

The script function seems to just call chdir(), nothing else. This, I could have done by modifying the shortcut’s properties myself :).

Thanks anyway :).
fan - 17 10 06 - 18:12

ah, Damn, it’s a bug. Sorry. :)
niko - 18 10 06 - 19:41

Great Job, Niko! I tested the lighting effects and they are great! Big improvements over IrrEdit .4! Keep up the good work! :-)
3ddev-Irrdev - 03 11 06 - 08:50

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Mirek (link) - 11 12 06 - 23:04

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