Some user interface clean ups for irrEdit

Lets face it: The user interface of irrEdit is ugly. So I updated it a bit. Subclassed some widgets, changed some colors and icons, adapted some 3d elements. The change is not very obvious, but if you are using the tool, it feels a lot more clean now. Here's a shot: But just wait some days, I'll release irrEdit 0.5 with some other nice new features in the next few days, so you can try it our yourself.

fifteen comments, already:

the new one really looks better :)
good job
will irrKlang support be in irrEdit 0.5?
pyro - 10 10 06 - 18:06

Looking good, I want to try it right away :)
What about OpenGL renderer support in irrEdit? (sorry for stupid question, if it was answered somewhere else, but software render is slow, and I have problems with DirectX).
butz - 10 10 06 - 18:18

butz, then update your driver
foo - 10 10 06 - 18:24

It doesn’t seem very different IMHO… the icons are still similar and “ugly”. There is tons of fine icon sets on internet, and many are open-source… You should use one of them, instead of making icons yourself if you want a beautiful interface.
bulbazaur - 10 10 06 - 19:01

Nice! [I realy don’t know how do you have the time]
Lonerunner - 10 10 06 - 19:08

What about running with linux wine? Irrlicht compiled applications run
with wine instead irrEdit doesn’t work, I don’t know why…
stef_ - 10 10 06 - 21:53

Wow, it looks so different! 8-o
Matthias - 10 10 06 - 21:56

And does irrEdit v0.5 work with terrain node properly? v0.4 crashes on adding terrain node as far as i remember :(
Bazzilic - 10 10 06 - 22:35

I didn’t test it yet (like everybody here), but I don’t think it’s better… It’s not much different, but it’s a bit uglier…
muchacho - 10 10 06 - 22:35

Sorry but I don’t think it’s very different from how it was before… It’s similar to the previous version, and by the way, it’s also similar to many other 3d editors or modelers.
Few of all 3d programs have an original interface…
macomac - 12 10 06 - 21:11

@macomac: ...which is a good thing so that noone must spend too much time with the interface but can get productive as soon as possible. Bryce and Poser are negative examples for “original” UI design.
matt - 12 10 06 - 22:13

You might be true, I will know when I test it.
Maybe there is a huge difference, but I can’t see it from this little screenshot.
They both seem to be almost the same,except for the axis that are now colored, and the control panel at the left that is plain instead of shaded…
I don’t see anything revolutionary… yet.
macomac - 12 10 06 - 23:32

LOL, then you should really read the title people:

“Some user interface clean ups for irrEdit” -> can’t you get it?

niko didn’t say “hey, I got major changes to irrEdit, please destroy me with your comments, as you can’t see no major change in the little screenshots”.

I think some of the comments above are very stupid, and has nothing to do with the topic of this post.
bicunisa (link) - 13 10 06 - 19:00

@bicunisa: I agree with you. I only posted because some people like Matthias said “Wow, it looks so different! 8-o”, and I don’t agree with him. There’s nothing bad, it’s pretty good, but there is nothing impressive to say “Wow”. That’s all.

But I never said that IrrEdit sucks, on the contrary it’s very good. Thank you Niko for your good software.
macomac - 13 10 06 - 20:26

no, the terrain is currently not supported yet, sorry. But it doesn’t crash anymore at least ;) OpenGL support is planned.
niko - 14 10 06 - 18:13

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