UFO sightings

I really like youtube.com, you can do a lot of funny stuff with it, and it never was so easy to search and watch short movies. Recent example: There are some great videos of UFO sightings available there, like this one or this from bulgaria and this from london. This one looks interesting too. I think those guys from sarajevo should have taken the trouble to improve their version a bit, because it reminds of the old school horror movies too much. :)

twelve comments, already:

well… those are all fakes I’m afraid. Don’t get me wrong, I know for fact that there are some strange aircrafts in the sky, I just don’t belive in the hole “these are alien spacecrafts” thing.

some more interesting stuff:
panoramix - 03 10 06 - 19:13

Your links are not fake. They portray real birds in suggesting poses which make them less recognizable as such. The first one is for sure just a seagull. The second is another bird

The interesting thing about Niko’s videos is the sudden acceleration or deceleration of those devices (if they are for real, that is). That’s pretty amazing and should exert hundreds of g’s on the occupiers of the craft…

Did anyone here ever see an UFO? I did not.
QuantumLeap - 03 10 06 - 19:40

dude, despite the fact that i am born in sarajevo this video sucks
biotech - 03 10 06 - 22:13

cmoibenlepro - 04 10 06 - 06:22

You are universally stupid if you think the first one is a seagull… I have never seen a UFO, but I have seen seagulls in numerous amounts of poses and in different lights… It most deffinately is not a bird. You can’t explain away the unexplainable with “it’s just a bird argument.” What happened to the passion in science?
blah - 05 10 06 - 06:00

Although, it could deffinately be fake; but it is most deffinately not a bird. Notice the lights and the sudden dissapearence of the first one. “Yeah thats a bird alright…” :-S
blah - 05 10 06 - 06:02

Sorry for all the comments niko, but I thought you might want to take a look at this man… Buzz Aldrin, one of the first men on the moon. Who is more credible??? HMMMMMMM!!!!!!

blah - 05 10 06 - 06:05


First take your medication and calm down. Have a deep breath… Inspire… Expire… Feel better now? There, no need to start immediately insulting the others.

Then, remember the skills learned on elementary school and read my message again. Which media piece did I say is a seagull? That’s right, the first picture posted by Panoramix. See? No lights or sudden disappearance from the screen. In fact I admitted that those videos are interesting (at least a few of them).

Now, back to the seagull, see this: http://www.rense.com/general69/strr.htm
Can you read the first comment on the top of the page? Do you recognize the picture? Next time think twice before insulting others.
QuantumLeap - 05 10 06 - 08:15

It’s obviously a bird:
Tim - 05 10 06 - 08:21

tunde - 05 10 06 - 18:24

I apoligize, I thought you were referring to the videos. Tim, that is a bird.

The videos are not birds. They may be fake, but are not birds.
blah - 06 10 06 - 00:51

Apologies accepted.
Now, inspired by Niko, I looked for UFO videos on Youtube and found a few interesting ones more. Again, no clue if these are fakes or not, but certainly spectacular. This one specially caught my attention:
QuantumLeap - 06 10 06 - 01:34

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