Looks like I am an IT-Freak. And Judoka. According to a big daily Austrian newspaper, diePresse.

If you bought that newspaper last weekend, maybe you've seen a short interview with me in it. If not, and you are interested, it has been published on their website as well so you can read it there, if you speak german at least. It was my first interview with a real newspaper, until now I only did interviews per email and with websites. It was fun, and also a bit strange, because the photographer took about dozens of pictures from me, only for that small picture in there.
The article itself is nice too, as far as I can tell. Some things written in there are not correct, but who cares. Hey, its an interview with me in a real, printed newspaper, and that's pretty cool. :)

thirteen comments, already:

:) You proved that You are a real person, not a mailer daemon, or an AI :) :)
Messen - 02 10 06 - 18:18

Nice interview… even if read after Babelfish translation in english :)!
zitzu - 02 10 06 - 18:24

“A well deserved tribute!” :)
dani - 02 10 06 - 18:29

since you are famous now on the internet, you want to get famous in the real world as well? :-)
ikat - 02 10 06 - 18:37

Niko is in the news! And not as a criminal! Hurray for niko! Congratulations on such an amazing feat! If i was you rite now i wud be jumping up and down! But ofcourse if i was you my super genius brain wud be thinking about another amazing software that will help everybody!
RapchikProgrammer - 02 10 06 - 19:21

congrats! nice interview…didnt know about the judo thing though. But i guess i am gonna be more carefull with criticising your GFX skills now! :)
stan - 02 10 06 - 19:56

Sweeeet. I wanna be in the newspaper…
HybridMenace (link) - 02 10 06 - 20:13

Hey, are you really a judoka? For how long do you train?
I just started my Ju Jitsu recently ;)
Martins - 02 10 06 - 21:00

hehe, that’s one of the things which are a bit wrong, I’m not actively doing judo currently at all anymore :)
niko - 03 10 06 - 17:46

hey high potential judo master! hahaha.
it’ makes proud or?;-) be proud;-)
don’t loose this newspaper.. for your children..;-)
i’ve lost my one & only written interview ( kurier, 2000 or so..) and it’s a pitty;-).. i hope altova pays for this free advertising…
burning - 03 10 06 - 23:21

oooh, there’s the pic! and let me tell you: HE IS COMING!!! you didn’t believe it because you were so logical – but i believed it because of my dreams and my heart, and fortunately i was right and i will have some great days! :) good luck! greets, conny :)
dinchen - 04 10 06 - 21:10

Is it true, that you “speak” around 20 computer languages? If it is true, then you have a big respekt from me, I can only one!
Stefan Branske - 04 10 06 - 23:32

The interview was a walk in the park, after a small piece of a large cake to come :)

Well done!
Nave - 10 10 06 - 23:03

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