irrEdit 0.4 released

So now now there is one more functional free lightmap generator available in this world, I just released irrEdit 0.4. I wrote a short tutorial on light mapping with irrEdit, would be nice if you could tell me if it is helpful or not. I hope it's now again a bit easier to create free/open souce/indie games and realtime 3d scenes with that tool.
If you want to load those lightmapped scenes in Irrlicht 1.1, you might need to apply a patch included in the irrEdit download, or simply use the latest version from the SVN. In addition, a lot more has happened, but I wrote most of it down here.

ten comments, already:

After applying the patch it worked nicely and the tutorial is really hands down too – nice job. Will we see SkyDome nodes in the next release of irrEdit by any chance? :)
Danijel - 29 08 06 - 20:27

Hey, firstly i love the screenshots of the light mapper, i mean the results blew me away! And now its a really good solution for the usual light mapping problem! Even though i followed your tutorial i couldnt get it to work on the room.3ds, nor on any other mesh i tried! And irredit aint opening bsps for some reason dont know why though!
RapchikProgrammer - 29 08 06 - 23:22

Great Niko!

Blizzard - 29 08 06 - 23:34

very impressive! O_O
there is a bug maybe, while adding a terrain (menu edit->insert->terrain) leads irrEdit to crush. It happens also to you?
paooolino - 30 08 06 - 00:02


quite impressive. only two things missing ;) => userdata / user defined properties and plugins :D
would like to use it in my game, but need to create a waynet and don’t want to use 2 apps for that.

bye jan
Lino - 30 08 06 - 13:09

Exellent work!

May I suggest physics support as the next feature for IrrEdit?
juantar (link) - 30 08 06 - 16:39

Maybe it is time for Linux support?

Best wishes,
Isgalvotas - 30 08 06 - 19:40

in short:
skydomes, userdata: sure, I think next release. 3ds files: maybe adjusting the emissive color in the materials of the mesh helps. plugins: later. way nets, physics, linux, macos: planned.
I also wanted to answer lots of posts in the forum now, but it looks like its currently down..
niko - 30 08 06 - 20:04

ich wundere mcih nur, wie du so schnell vorrankommst, neben deinen Sonstigen Themen.

Wie meine Vorredner berreits sagten,
Jan_ - 31 08 06 - 08:19

some feature suggestions:
– the transform widget looks a bit strange. :p why not use nicer arrows more similar to other 3d applications?
– it would be create to have customizable viewport controls so that you can make them like in maya for example
hugo - 31 08 06 - 15:22

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