Irrlicht in iX and good bye

There is an article about open source 3d engines in the iX, a very popular german IT journal. Crystal Space, Ogre and Irrlicht get mentioned. Hybrid was very quick and already reviewed it, here's an extract:

"Irrlicht gets pretty good results (who wonders :-) ). Remarkable points in the feature comparison (top-down from the table): free license, directX8 support, software renderer, many mesh importer, collision detection, versatile particle system, water scene node, many animation types. Things missing: Sound, exporter from 3d modelling tools (they even did not knew about the .irr format at the time writing), few shadow techniques, no Cg. The detailed report highlights the small memory footprint of Irrlicht and its speed, as well as the software renderers which make it suitable for embedded applications. The Ogre loader is explicitly named, probably due to Ogre being also part of the report. irrEdit is shortly mentioned, maybe due to the original topic on game engines (which all three aren't really).
The overall result for the two other engines is that CS is only used in academia and thus not really relevant. Ogre is used in commercial games and has good integrations into commercial 3d modellers. But the separation of several features into modules makes it more complicated to use all features, and many features are also available in Irrlicht. Moreover, Irrlicht is considered more active and with a decent potential "

irrlicht in ix

Nice to be mentioned there, and especially nice that the author apparently liked Irrlicht.

Now for something completely different: For the next week, I'm probably not going to be online or blogging, instead you'll find me on exactly this beach. :-) I hope I'm going to answer some of the remaining mails and take a look into the forum before I take off, sorry that I didn't update with all the new projects you've sent me, I'm doing this in 2 weeks, promised. Finally, here's a screenshot of a new feature of the lightmapper of irrEdit, which will be released when I'm back, too: The possibility of setting other meshes as light receiver and/or occluder.

Bye. :)

fifteen comments, already:

Enjoy your free time. Seeing forward to the next blog-entry in two weeks!
Lino - 18 08 06 - 16:27

Enjoy your stay in beautiful Mallorca!
SickByte - 18 08 06 - 18:26

Halan (link) - 18 08 06 - 20:51

he he, have a nice time with that girl of yours ;-)
biotech - 19 08 06 - 01:55

So you come to my island? Wellcome ;-) I hope these clouds are gone when you come XD
Magin - 19 08 06 - 09:19

Mallorca! Went there a month or two ago – it’s great!
Have a nice vacation :)
Wice - 19 08 06 - 11:00

Happy holidays!
Olin - 19 08 06 - 15:30

have fun! may the sun be with you! :-)
onemoreinthisworld - 19 08 06 - 16:37

foo - 28 08 06 - 11:42

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