irrEdit 0.2 released

I just released irrEdit 0.2. I originally wanted to release it together with Irrlicht 1.1, but because this might take still some time and lots of people wanted to try out the new features, I did it now. Hope it is useful.
Also updated, wow, that was work.

ten comments, already:

Yeah first comment, (i’d like to do so on slashdot)
Gotta try it out and give more feedback yeah, how long until irrEdit 1.0, i bet it will rock.
Trunks14 - 20 07 06 - 21:54

Are there plans to make IrrEdit run on Win98?
Guest - 20 07 06 - 22:31

Can’t wait for Irrlicht 1.1 – dying to try IrrEdit out, but don’t dare to try the svn version..
RustyNail - 21 07 06 - 03:36

Matthias - 21 07 06 - 10:03

i tried it out for a while last night. had some fun with dragging the nodes around to attache them to each other in different ways, got some real interesting movement patterns going on with all the animators heh.
i’m guessing the terrain nodes don’t work in the editor yet? when you try to insert one it says “can’t open file” in the message window.
buhatkj - 21 07 06 - 15:26

great! Thanks for all the work!
polf - 22 07 06 - 11:28

I think it’s time to update the development page…
RabidLockerGnome - 22 07 06 - 23:17

Waiting for irrlicht 1.1 …. please just make a zip of the svn or can someone just do it make a zip copy of the svn coz I tried to go to svn and its hell I have to download like a billion files one by one… cant even use filehound…SOS!! SOS!! SOS!! SOS!! SOS!!
Leo - 24 07 06 - 15:59

sorry, I’m not going to do that. The svn is pretty unstable. :) The terrain doesn’t work in the editor yet, right.
niko - 24 07 06 - 18:16

@leo. there is absolutely no need to grab every single file by hand from the svn repository. Look here:
mrcdrc - 25 07 06 - 11:49

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