Scripting languages - Squirrel

Lately I played a bit around with Squirrel, an embeddable scripting language. It has a very friendly license (zlib- same as Irrlicht), a nice design, cool interface, and is fast and small. The language itself looks like C/C++ code, so its very easy to actually use it. Definately recommendable.
Why I'm into scripting languages? You'll see, I think I'll blog somthing about it soon.

ten comments, already:

Scripting in Irrlicht? Puppy Eyes
Now preparing to wait for confirmation…
Oh, and when are you going to release IrreEdit 0.2 + Irrlicht 1.1?
RustyNail - 07 07 06 - 19:02

squIRRel :)

Pretty fast, but lua-JIT is faster than anything :
lost - 07 07 06 - 19:02

Seems quit cool! i’l check it out! (h)
Lonerunner - 07 07 06 - 19:06

GameMonkey is also nice – I am playing around with it a bit.
WhiteNoise - 07 07 06 - 19:25

Yay scripting support coming to irrlicht! :D
jeje - 08 07 06 - 04:54

Is it just me, or Ruby is more beautiful and easier?
juantar (link) - 08 07 06 - 06:00

No way, Squirrel is by far the best scripting language if seen for a while (for using games).
You should give SqPlus a look niko. Has some nice enhancements ;)
Gauntlet - 08 07 06 - 13:32

interesting! i am looking forward to hearing your plan. :)

...and what about many scripting languages support .net in the meantime.
hugo - 08 07 06 - 14:17

Looks interesting. I personally like Python, not because of the syntax so much as the Stackless port (i.e. cooperative concurrent multitasking Python). The Squirrel syntax is actually closer to what I would like (I’m primarily a C++/Java developer).

Curiosity is piqued as to what your project is :)
Eternl Knight - 09 07 06 - 03:07

looks like Nico has fallen for the wxWidgets port to Squirrel,
so he only has to create Irrlicht Bindings for the Editor.


terefang - 09 07 06 - 14:26

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