Debugging start position

Before I started working for my current employer where I am writing software development tools, I developed game related software for a small company, and most of the time I spent implementing and debugging the game engine for a first person shooter.
Now, in my current company more than a year later, when I press F5 to start the debugger to debug the program, my hand sometimes automaticly goes down and my fingers place over the keys 'w', 'a', 's', and 'd', the keys used to control the player avatar in the game. Strange. Should I be worried? :)

five comments, already:

Yep, you should be worried. It is called (surprisingly) WASD, or Weird And Startling Disorder. This is also very common amongst British drivers switching to a left-hand-drive car. ;)
BartK - 05 07 06 - 22:03

Interesting! :-P
Lonerunner - 06 07 06 - 08:19

I know exactly what you’re talking about, except I’m using the arrow keys instead of WASD ;)
Rainer - 06 07 06 - 10:36

arrow keys?! are you serious?
biotech - 06 07 06 - 17:42

hehe yeah I am. I always play with arrow keys ;o) ..and yes, I know that this is quite unusual ;)
Rainer - 07 07 06 - 20:06

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