Editor Progress 12 and more

So much happened this week, so little time to blog. But maybe I'm catching up on all this later. I just updated irrlicht.sf.net, writing down most of the interesting news there, like the new official irrlicht team members, which is great news. Also, did I mention that I LOVE the subversion server? I LOVE it. :)
This shot of my current development version of irrEdit also shows some stuff merged into the SVN version by hybrid: Binary .x file support. The tomb/crypt shown there is part of the DirectX 9 SDK and was read directly by Irrlicht - as usual by just on single line of code. The other new thing visible on that shot is the light icon. Invisible scene nodes like lights and cameras will be displayed as transparent icons in the next irrEdit release. This is very useful when editing scenes. It wasn't difficult to implement at all, but I think needed about 1 or 2 hours to draw that stinkin' icon. :)

eleven comments, already:

Wow niko you are the man!
Martins - 02 07 06 - 14:01

Bows Down to Niko… ;)
Bows Down to Irrlicht ;)
What more is needed?
RustyNail - 02 07 06 - 15:25

Hooray for increasing the team with members actively working on the Irrlicht code! This is definitely moving into the right direction. Grats!
miko (link) - 02 07 06 - 20:28

Just to make it clear: I did not write this binary .x loader in the beginning. I cleaned up the sources and finally merged it into the SVN version. Original code by Tiberius, see Irrlicht forum for the thread.
BTW: I got used to the billboard attached to the light which makes a decent marker. If you change the color based on the light color it’s really intuitive (but yeah, a large light bulb is also intuitive ;-)
hybrid - 02 07 06 - 22:06

hybrid: What are you talking about? The light bulb is a billboard, isn’t it?
Matthias - 02 07 06 - 23:19

The billboards usually attached to lights in the Irrlicht examples. These alpha blended circles giving a shiny impression.
hybrid - 03 07 06 - 01:05

Will you release the source of irredit?
Mancuso Raffaele (link) - 03 07 06 - 17:04

The light bulb you drew looks very realistic. You are an artist.

Looking forward the release of Irrlicht 1.1. Keep up the good work!
juantar (link) - 03 07 06 - 18:54

about the open source question: http://irredit.irrlicht3d.org/faq.html#o..
niko - 03 07 06 - 20:13

Hey Niko, try the .dds file format patch, it seems that the tomb is missing some texture ;-)
hybrid - 04 07 06 - 10:00

looks good cant wait.
do you work at both? irrlicht and irredit?
Halan (link) - 08 07 06 - 14:53

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