Fighting World Cup 2006

I just bought the ultimate tool to fight boredom caused by the FIFA World Cup 2006 in germany. At least I hope. :)

nine comments, already:

What, don’t you have non-Austria-TV-channels?
Hm, I really wanted to buy Firefly now for a long time, but i think I’m happy enough with SG:Atlantis. Cant wait for the new season, it will start to air mid-juli. How great is that? ;)

Otherwise you could enjoy the wonderful weather here – because we just have 3 nice months – ahhh bikinis.
Gauntlet - 14 06 06 - 19:12

you dont like football? well me either.
but i fight WC2006 by geting drunk or flying high ;)
biotech - 14 06 06 - 19:13

Austrian TV is showing world cup all the time, eventhough Austria is not even taking part? Strange.
Baal Cadar - 14 06 06 - 23:30

We have just won the second match tonite :-) – ‘Berlin, Berlin… – we are going to Berlin ;-) ..!’
[Duncan Mac Leod] (link) - 14 06 06 - 23:41

Take my money, take my land…

Three cheers for the worst, yet very catchy intro song of all time! Every time I watch an episode I sing that stupid song for a week.
TSM - 15 06 06 - 03:16

How can you be bored if you have Irrlicht to work on? ;)
Gothi[c] (link) - 15 06 06 - 13:13

Omg, you bought Firefly! GRATS! :D

Seriously, I envy you the way Lord of the Rings-readers envy people who read the book for the first time :)
TheGolem - 16 06 06 - 11:48

USA will win it all even thought they got creamed by czech!
veegun - 17 06 06 - 18:30

Irrlicht rocks !
FireFly owns !
And germany will win of course :-P
Ray - 23 06 06 - 00:24

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